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Demon Jumped On Me
something to consider. do you realize there are people who deliberately go out to hurt and destroy your faith in God? also they believe in satan instead of God, therefore he has trained them how and given them secret tools to cause you to think wrong and confuse you. look up FFCH, marsboy

Mass Murderers Demons
some are on medicine or other drugs, some are under mind control Mk ultra, Coin tel pro, some are lied on like this last guy because there were 2 other men at the scene. one ran into the woods and was caught by the police put in front seat of cop car. the one who was accused is dead and someone is setting this country up to loose its rights for self defense, free speech and freedom to worship God

Mow Grass On Sunday
Jesus once said:
"God made sabbath for man, not man for the sabbath."

So what do you think?

Unmarried Girls Having Kids
lol...I'm sorry. I do believe in God and I am somewhat of a Christian, but I also live in the Netherlands where people NEVER seem to get married! They have partnerships where they live with the person they love, have children, whole lives together, and never marry! So you see for me, unmarried girls having children outside of marriages are quite normal. And again, like I have said in many of my answers on this web site, what do you choose to do? What do you want to do? Seriously, do you want to be the father of some of these children or not? It's that simple. I know it really doesn't seem like it, but trust that god is helping you out. Are you ok with not loving the mother?

Sister Considering An Abortion
Excuse me...but how can anything not be of God? Did God not create sin, to create the very existence of no sin? If your sister wants an abortion you have no say in the matter. Do not make her feel guiltier by saying an abortion is not of God! Abortions are neither bad nor good. If somebody wants an abortion let the person have the abortion! Do not manipulate their lives by saying what is Godly and what is not Godly! If your sister does not want a child than maybe you should consider your sister's life instead of the unborn child's life, that has not even lived yet! How can you take away life that has not lived? I tell you this: If that child is not born by your sister, it will be born by another. Allow your sister to do as she wishes.

Wifes Personal Attacks
Now...What are you going to do? Is the relationship seriously worth it? If you think it is, try and find a way to make it work. But if it isn't worth it, you have to be willing to take that step and say, "I'm out of here."
And do not worry of being judged by your decision.
Now this is the hard part...If you take this step, and you do end up getting a divorce, know that you will go through hell before you see the light again. It will be emotionally, and physically the most tiring thing you've ever done in your entire life. There will be many months, possibly years as my father experienced, of trying to make your way back up again. But stay strong, and carry on.

Boyfriend Talking To Girl
Hi there Kathy! i know how you feel! I wanna tell you that aside from us here praying for you and your relationship, Jesus is the Greatest Healer and He hears all your cry! Go to Him and Tell Him everything you feel and your hurts! I know He will answer you! Believe in me, God works in Amazing ways, no one can ever explain! Psalm 118:34 "God is close to the broken-hearted and with a Contrite Spirit" God Bless you! you can send me a reply here in Christian net with my username: kathe6889

Advice About My Current Affair
My advice is that this isnt love, you are tearing a family apart and I dont think that God will ever bless that. I wouldnt want to face the consequences of those actions. Do you only care about your own feelings? Think of the wife who has done nothing to have her life turned upside down. You reap what you sow! You need to read God's word, your life isnt about you and what you desire, it is about what God says. God didnt bring the two of you together to destroy a marriage and he didnt send him a mistress!!

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