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Can The Lost Get Saved
.....with scripture and truth.....

And why not. It would appear someone here is doing and saying everything to keep me from continuing. Just that remark alone is a BIG RED FLAG.

My continuation is not addressed to anyone specific. It is addressed to all, who can take it or leave it. It's not me, but the Holy Sprit who will either highlight Truth or not.

The old nature old man no matter what CANNOT BEAR FRUIT OF ITSELF. John 15, Jesus makes this perfectly clear. Abide in me and I IN YOU, AS THE BRANCH CANNOT BEAR FRUIT OF ITSELF...JOHN 15:4.

Can The Lost Get Saved
1 Peter 1:23
Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God.

So the sower and the seed, Jesus is the sower, HIS WORD is the seed. So those who have no root in them, would be religious people, without the root of CHRIST IN YOU. Only CHRIST IN YOU is good ground. We are not. Only God is good. Mark 10:18. Also the parable is about bearing fruit. Only those IN CHRIST can bear fruit. Galatians 5:22-25, Romans 6-8.

Can The Lost Get Saved
David, here you go again, making up garbage so you won't have to answer my questions. It's you who is acting juvenile and playing games here.

Just answer the questions and leave your personal feelings out of this discussion

1) your parable on the sower and seed is not what scripture says.

2) you claim you were chosen from the womb and planted on good ground.....yet say you must preform to earn Gods love, and after you've earned His Love, He will love you and save you.

YOUR Beliefs are not mainstream Christianity. Plus your beliefs contradict one another. You are not a TEACHER David. If that offends you, I'm sorry. And to continue to make jabs at me when I've asked you to leave me alone is SICK.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
Strongaxe, I know. And Christians KNOW THIS , but don't care. They would vote Hitler in if Hitler promised to overturn Row v Wade. Now that they have this obvious mental in the WH, they still stand silent and coddle him. I just hope we make it to Jan 20 without issue. I see too Amy and other SCJ are not buying Trumps Census Issues.

I hate how Trump has trashed our Governor and SOS. So Trump still thinks his voice makes a difference. Nope, not anymore, here in GA. And because our two Rep running for senate have encouraged this against other republicans here, will cost them GA.

Can The Lost Get Saved
David, Do you agree with this statement:?? we are not chosen until we have demonstrated to God our righteousness, our faithfulness, and our commitment.?????

The reason I ask, is because you teach you first have to earn salvation and Gods love by keeping His commandments. Totally opposite to your now saying you are chosen in the womb, that you are the seed scattered on good ground...{NO}! If you are CHOSEN in the womb before you are born, planted on good ground to preform perfectly, WHY ARE YOU THEN TAKING CREDIT FOR YOUR SALVATION.???

Don't you see your own contradictions schizophrenia as far as I'm concerned.


Saved Before Born
JS1234, that's why scripture never says in that verse, "BEFORE " THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD, but says "FROM" THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. So FROM Adam and Eve to today, I will venture to say names are still being added, and when added I bet that's when the Angels in Heaven REJOICE Luke 15:10. If Luke 15:10 is in real time, seeing they rejoice when a sinner REPENTS, that person has to be here and a sinner and has repented. if it's already a done deal, why the big deal?

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
Ruben, true Christianity is not a religion but a person...the person of Jesus Christ. So yes, True Faith will absolutely yield the fruits of obedience and the works of righteousness. Titus 3:5-7 clearly show we don't earn salvation by works of righteousness. But our true faith will produce after we are saved works of righteousness that God has before ordained we walk in Ephesians 2. But we also see James gave example of these, and it's not sacraments, confirmations, baptisms etc. if it were , James would have listed those as the works needed to accompany faith. James and Paul compliment one another. Paul just uses the words OBEDIENCE OF FAITH, James says Works of faith. Both the same.

Can The Lost Get Saved
Cults use the same tactic as David, by trying to sell you nonsense, and when you ask them to show scripture to prove, they will whip out the ol..."OH ITS A MYSTERY" thing and claim they have this understanding of the mysteries and you don't.......RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

David has gotten really nasty with his comments towards others who want to expose his nonsense. It's also another tactic cults use. Salvation is not a mystery, and never was. The gospel according to the mystery is now that's no mystery either. Colossians 1:24-27 clearly tell us what the mystery is...CHRIST IN YOU THE HOPE OF GLORY. It's only a mystery to those who have rejected the deity of Jesus Christ .

Can The Lost Get Saved

Luke 8:11

11 Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

Here we have in Luke chapter 8 READ THE WHOLE CHAPTER PLEASE, reiterating the parable of the sower and the seed. Here it is very CLEAR "the seed" here is the WORD OF GOD, not people in Gods womb, predestined to fall on good ground. YIKES. THATS AWEFUL TEACHING.

David is perhaps the worse teacher not called by God or GIFTED by Jesus Christ , but is actually stealing away the WORD OF GOD.

Then he has the audacity to think he is God and insults Christians here ....unbelievable.

Try another David where I can expose you again. I do know my Bible.

Massive Democrat Fraud
Jerry, the latest that has been thrown out were judges that were Bush and Trump appointees, and all the federal judge Trump appointees, all republicans writing scathing remarks about this clown show. His trying 4 years to line his pockets so to speak hasn't worked in his favor at all. So makes me wonder what you are watching and listening to. The conspiracy theory channels? That's not news Jerry, THAT IS WHERE FAKE NEWS COMES FROM. Like the Bowling- Green massacure????? HA HA YIKES. Jerry, your comments only put you in the "wing nut" category. Now nothing you say will ever be taken seriously. And to be so easily hoodwinked.....spills over into your dogmatic SDA beliefs as well. Even Samuel is shocked by your comments.

Can The Lost Get Saved
Too funny David. I know you don't understand parables. You think people are seeds that are scattered on the ground. That's not what the parable even says. I suspect you don't understand these mysteries David. You've admitted as much. You don't even understand the gospel according to the mystery. It's no mystery about law keeping.

You may want to keep your insults to yourself lest they come back on you two fold.

Best President Ever
JS1234, do you mean generic Christians? You must, because I know many Christians who don't agree with you. Not did they vote for Trump. Not all Republicans are Trumpeters. I bet you didn't know that. And if memory serves me well, you have been on here before.....and I recall your posts were always leaning toward sarcasm. So it appears you are still posting the same tongue in cheek comments.

Can The Lost Get Saved
Not one verse in scripture states anyone is chosen to be born again. Nothing says we were chosen to be saved. And if looking to Jacob and Esau, neither were said to be chosen to be saved or born again. Of the twins, the birthright would be given to Esau, which Esau sold. The other birthright , as there were 2 was for SERVICE not salvation. And Esau and descendents became obsorbed back into Israel the Nation. Just as God chose Isaac over ISHMAEL, again was for service, not salvation. The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Massive Democrat Fraud
Ruben, he interviewed Trump at Trump's agreeing and also agreeing to be tape recorded. All Woodward did was release the tapes with Trump's own voice stating he lied. And he didn't even get mad that Woodward released the tapes, not made any comment is was fake news. I don't understand how anyone can defend Trump in this release. It's all on tape, just like Nixon was on tape.

Best President Ever
JS1234, I don't know a single Christian who wants their kids to be like Trump. And most Christians agree Trump is not a Christian seeing he's never admitted he is a sinner. I'm not sure what you believe JS1234 but admitting you are a sinner is an absolute prerequisite to becoming a Christian. Anything else is just religion.

Conservative Liberal Christians
Seems like Jerry and the conspiracy theorists have all landed in the dung heap , finding NO EVIDENCE of stealing the election. It's funny too, all these law suits weren't even about what Trump and Co were spouting out to the public. The judges have thrown out all, and Trump lost Georgia three times in a row. (Ha ha ha just a Joke Jerry.) And so selfish to make us do a third count after the hand count at tax payers expense, does not show being fiscally responsible......JUST MAY BE THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN of the Senate Race here. And if that happens, no one here to blame but TRUMP HIMSELF....AGAIN. Maybe Trumps angle all along was to bring down the Republican Party. What GENIUS. A STABLE GENIUS.

Can The Lost Get Saved
Also David, I LOVE THE PATH IM ON AND HAVE BEEN ON FOR OVER 40 YEARS NOW. I wouldnt chance one second of one minute. So please i beg you......stop stalking me.

You have not defended the Deity of Christ, but rather defended the JWs belief about Jesus Christ. You do not support any doctrine concerning Jesus death and resurrection, but rather cherry pick Paul out of context. The Lord taught me to never use 1 verse without supporting scriptures. You dont get Galatians re GRACE VS LAW, but i find the WHOLE LETTER to be the most amazing and revealing on SCRIPTURAL NT GRACE. THE Holy Spirit is my teacher David. You will never be.

Can The Lost Get Saved
David , are you a self appointed teacher or were you given this GIFT by Jesus? How do you know ? Please read Ephesians 4 before answering. I have been given a spiritual gift by Jesus Christ immediately after identifying with Him in death and resurrection life. This GIFT is to the BOC to help us GROW UP INTO HIM TO FULL MATURITY, those who are now IN CHRIST, which you seem to say you are not IN CHRIST, or believe how one comes to be IN CHRIST. So according to scripture, it's you, the carnal minded who simply cannot understand the things of the Spirit.

Maybe after exercising my GIFT for over 40 years David, I'm addressing my statements to the more mature IN CHRIST. And it appears here over 875 folks DO understand my posts.

Explain Matthew 10:37
I think it's a very simple statement. If you have ungodly parents who send you out to steal, but you, being a Christian know it's sin, and choose to obey God over your parents, then you are showing you love God more than man.

If the Trump Children were real Christians, they would not lie for Donald, or excuse his lying, or cover his lying, now indangering our country. Their love for God would overrule and walk away from daddy. So Laura Trump is a phony Bologna generic Christian , who's bad company with the Falwell's worldly sinful lifestyle , didn't even bat an eye, is an example of loving man and this world more than God.

Conservative Liberal Christians
There is no such thing as a Christian being a Trumpster. TRUMPISM is not CHRISTIANITY. CHRISTIANITY is not a political party. Now there are Christian Democrats, Christian Independents and Christian Republicans, Christiaan Libertarian . There are also ATHIEST Democrats, ATHIEST Independents and ATHIEST Republicans and ATHIEST Libertarians.

Let's stop pigeonholing people based on political parties . That is SOOOOOO IGNORANT.

On one thread you call Amy a Catholic a Christian. Well so was JFK, and Biden. So you have Catholics both Dems and Rep.

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