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Is Baptism A Work
Dear sweet Jack! I did not say we get around keeping Gods commands. The thief on the cross did not have time to be baptised after believing in the Christ. But - Jesus Next to him on His own Cross said "This day you will be with me in Pariadise" Therefore it is not a work!


Is Baptism A Work
Baptism is Not a work. It is not nessary to be baptised to be saved. It is a show to non believers that you are a follower of Christ and it is one of Gods commands. Be yea baptised and repent. Baptised is burrying trhe old man.

Praying Out Loud With Husband

It is hard for a husband and wife to agree together in prayer if you do not know what he is praying.Praying out loud together afirms your faith together and two can stand stronger. plus it helps build and strengthen our faith together.Jesus prayed out loud several times.

Read About My Miracle
The Lord God healed my son at age two of TB. Confirmed by 3-5 doctors he had it. Praise God.
The Lord also gave me another child when the doctors said I would not have another Child. My children are 11 years apart. My sister could not have children. Several doctors told her to give up. After praying by FAITH several months, she became pregant for the first time at age 38 and birthed a beautiful baby boy. Yes, the Lord still does miracles and desires to get all the glory! Praise be to the Lord!

Are There Any Bad Churches
If you stop going to church, meeting with other Christians, don't read you bible like you first did, yes, That is back sliding.

If you are going to a Christian church, and feel like you are getting farther away from God. It most likely is evil desires in your own heart. Those desires draw us away from God, not to Him. It is the old nature. Ask God to forgive and set you on fire for Him and give you a love for His word. It's not hopeless.

Must I Stop The Adultery
You had better stop at the warning signs!

Does God Really Exist
You must be seeking him to be on ChristiaNet. Of course God exists. I think even you believe that. God has given a measure of faith to every man. God, is history, and today, and the future. He is the beginning and the end. Keep reading and enjoy learning.

Where Is My Future Husband
Angea7453 ...
Maybe the Lord is wants to use you as a single person frist. Or maybe He is working on and in the person, getting them ready to mary you. Or maybe he wants to work in you for them. Be willing to follow God leadings, He may lead you to bump into him. Let Him work it out for you. He loves you and understands what you are going through.

Can We Recite Prayers
You can read prayers and pray them, sure. You can read ones in the Bible too, and pray them. You can repeat prayers too. One person in the Bible prayed 21 days, After, the angel said, that God heard his prayer the first time he prayed that satin hindered the prayer answer. pray to lose your prayers from being hindered. All prayers are answered. Yes, No, Not now.

Anyone Rush Into A Marriage
Yes, I did. I was a new Christian and a man I had just met for 2 weeks told me that God said I was his wife. I wanted to please God. I suffered 13 years with it because God said do not divorice. I had 1 child. Divoriced now remarried, I still suffer w/him because of connection with the son 23 years latter. It is better to be in love for marriage.

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