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Is Jesus God
count pt TWO: Ex: I have a friend whom his father & him owned a barbershop before his father passed away. they were "one" working in the same business, but yet seperate. You can see the son having the same qualities shown through like of his father & many have said "you can see your father through you." Simply Jesus, the son of God repersents his father, God almighty.

Is Jesus God

Read 1 cor 11:3; toward the end it says," & the head of Christ is God."
I believe Jesus is Gods son on Earth & dwelled as his son in heaven when "they" made man in "their" image. When he says "if you've seen me , you've seen the father" meaning he represents his father & anyone seeing this sees his fathers work through him.

Mega Churches Closing Christmas
My congregation does not even have a Christmas tree or decorations in the building; however we study the bible for what it is, but I think it being a Sunday unless all parties agree for it to be closed, then it needs to remain open for the public, what if a lost sheep is coming home & no one is there?

Mega Churches Closing Christmas
Presberia,(sorry for msspelling)you said:
Where in scripture are we asked to observe His birthday? Which by the way, was not in December.

I agree. My congr. is meeting as usual on Dec.25th, & I am glad they follow the traditional bible. No where does it say to celebrate his birthday. The only reason his birth itself is in the bible is because of what the OT brought about, but God didn't ask us to celebrate his sons birthday, but Jesus did ask us to remember him. When is this? Passover.

How To Join Penpal Section
Hello, i'm new also & just joined. Welcome aboard!

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