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Does President Bush Please God
And now if we pull out, their democrasy will colapse and all those lives will have been for waste, so we just shouldnt have gotten into it. It's none of our bussiness. We didn't care before they bomed the twin towers. The only reason we care now is because they bomed them, so I doubt its really caring so much as revange. And ton's of other countries have the same problem but you don't see them making it into a big international debate

Does President Bush Please God
If the people were happy about being freed of Sadam Hussan then they'd cheer. Instead they kill us americans and want us out of their country. Maybe we should listen to them and leave. This war was pointless, and most of the world hates america for it. It was for oil, thats it. I do pray for the poor soilders risking their lives out there. But I don't think they should be there.

Andrea Yates Court Ruling
Yes I do sympatehize with her. anyone who kills her child as serious mental issues. And its better to put them in a mental assulm rather then a jail where they won't get any better. And she'll probably be in the insane asylum the rest of her life anyway, just like she would have in jail. Only in here, she'll get help for her problem. Obviously sending people to jail or killing them isnt working because america has the highest crime rate.

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