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Struggle With Honoring My Mom
Are you sure we don't have the same mom? I wonder if it has to do with the time in which they were raised. I have come to accept that my mom is a little "off" and that I can't care for her. that being by her causes anger in my life. that if I keep space I am able to rewrite letters and not say things on impulse. pray for me also.

Who is Joyce Meyer?
What is she teaching that is wrong? her husband is a minister & she shares a ministry with him. God says that if men don't do the job, God will use rocks. if a woman is doing the work maybe a man isn't. I heard that she is mostly aimed to woman. and if you tell a woman she can't go to promise keepers, they get mad, maybe some men got mad when they were told it was a womans retreat and pushed in. I really don't much about it. geuss I will have to look in to her before I can judge.

Take My Husband Back
Yes I beleive i still love him as he is only man I have dated.married and been with. Yes I am a Christian. 1 Cor.7:11 says that spouse is only man I can be with.when you ask God in to your life you are saved and become a christian. he had done this. now he lives a life that is not christ like. foul langage, drinking, denys there is a God. he lived with some one he was not married to and made a baby. I have been praying for him, now says he wishes to come home.

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