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Pastor's Wife Is Unsaved
It seems most here are missing something big...the un equally yoked verse applies to unmarried christians looking for a spouse. The bible goes on to specifically state that if both marry as unbelievers and then one becomes a believer and the other does not if the unbelieving spouse is willing to stay the believing spouse is to remained do you know this man didnt marry then become a believer and then become a pastor?

Are Christians Sanctified
when god saves you, he set you free from all the sin in the world. if god is really in you heart he will surely sanctify you so that you will not act, look, or dress like the world.

Should Christians Help The Poor
The truth is suffering will remain. Dose that mean,lets not help people who are not christains?I think alot of christain claim to be christ like but really dont know the exact meaning. I believe christ would give to the needy, whether they are christains or muslims, etc.( he only had one loaf of bread and everyone in his presence that day was full.) Thats the obstacle with religion. every religon for its self some of these con artists are christains.. every watch some of these christains shows claiming to make people walk or heal them??lol, I learned my lesson. Im a believer in God and Christ. Love unconditionally all mankind because at the end of this man made reign, everyone will recognize the truth. WE all are children of one GOD.

Divorce My Muslim Husband
i am just curious to know are you still in your situtation.. or did god give you and answer..when you sought him?

A Christian Surrogate Mother
to carla...

i suggest you go back and re-read your bible. I have NEVER seen anywhere that says God will graft us OUT of the vine. Your words are mean-spirited and your bible knowledge is weak. Stop using old-testament people as arguments against surrogacy. We are NO longer under old testament law for we have been saved by grace through Christ's death and resurrection.

stop trying to take another's gift of surrogacy and throwing it at her like she's a prostitute

Christians Cause Biggest Trials
It is very disappointing when our own Christian friends don't behave in a Godly manner. God is all knowing and sees what is in each person's heart. We have to step back and allow the Lord to take over the situation.
We all must be very aware of how WE each reflect God. Others see God thru us and our actions. In Christ, Tiffany

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