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How To Choose A Church
Do the hardest thing you can, (and also the only thing to get it right): Pray. Be total vulnerable and honest in talking with God. He will lead you. DO NOT seek ideas, steps, plans or lists as replacement for His direction. He is gentle and will guide you. Trust Him, its the only way.

Is A Divorced Pastor Proper
Everyone who has the legalistic approach that 1 Timothy is referring to divorce is wrong. In the original Greek the word (apolusai)divorce is not used. The phrase in the Greek (andra mias gunaikos) "husband of one wife" literally means having only one wife at a time and being totally devoted to her. God plainly says that he will those who add or take away from His Word and the legalistic community is doing exactly that.Quit denying quality men from fulfilling God's call and allow them to pastor. You may be surprised at what you get.

How Old Is The Earth
I too believe that the earth is very near 6,000 years old. I ask but one question: can any scientist prove that God didn't make the world with materials that would appear to be very old? Just to confound those that lean on their own understanding? Logically and observationally, the answer has to be "no." Therefore, it resolves to a question of where you put your faith: in God or in man. I choose God Almighty and His Son, Jesus.

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