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Why So Many Divorced Christians
Folk can claim anything, and we do! Time will tell who goes to Heaven and who goes to ________!!!

How To Worship God
Now we know how GOD Almighty has told us how we must worship HIM, HE has made it so very plain. Then HE said, if we love HIM, we will obey HIM.

We who worship GOD must worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth - (John 4:24,John 14:15, I John 5:2-3, Authorized KJV Bible).

If the worship that we offer up to GOD Almighty cannot be distinguished from the worship that the world offers up to its GOD, is it worship that GOD receives? Shouldn't there be a difference, even as with HIS people? Just asking.

Is A Divorced Pastor Proper
Yes, if GOD Almighty has rewritten HIS Word. Huummm, but GOD Almighty does not lie. HE said Heaven and Earth will pass away before HIS Word does. Huummm, we line up with GOD's Word, or GOD's Word line up with us? For hardness of heart, Moses allowed divorce. Then JESUS came on the scene and into that heart so it can be no more hard? How can a child of GOD divorce? Has HE not come in and taken the heart of stone, and given us a heart of flesh -- like HIS? Just asking.

Explain Matthew 5:17-18
Until we have "eaten the whole BOOK" we cannot know. Yes, some is still sweet here and bitter there, you know, like it tasted to John when he was told to eat the whole Book. But we thank Almighty GOD for it ALL!

Anyway, Matthew 5:17-18 makes it so plain that it is impossible for the ten commandments to pass away, thank GOD! Almighty GOD did not destroy HIS law, it is here, and always will be. It is contained and fulfilled in Mark 12:30-31, Romans 13:8-10. Don't you see how we should pity those who shall stand before Almighty GOD, but not in fulfillment of HIS law? Just asking.

I Need Christian Fellowship
Amen to those words of wisdom from KarenD. Exactly! Also, is there a Spirit filled, Spirit led body of Christ JESUS that has a Spirit filled and Spirit led singles fellowship in the area?

The devil knows the great need in this area and effectively enticed some "churches" to discontinue their singles ministries. It is sad, but satan is busy!

My Husband Hits Me
We do not know the full story. However, we are in a time that can be very stressful. GOD Almighty said in the multitude of counsellors, there is safety. GOD Almighty hates divorce, and if this is a GOD ordained marriage, find a Spirit filled Pastor and get in a Spirit filled fellowship with other couples who are sold out to GOD Almighty so that you can be supported, loved, and mentored.

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