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Importance Of Free Will
Good points Linda

Close To End Times
The Republicans have sold their souls to Trump.

As a former Republican we at one time stood for principal. But that is long gone.

For each of us this is an end time. I pray that the lies and distortions of the truth that has been accepted by the herd followers of Trump. Can be broken. But many who call themselves Christians. They follow this ungodly liar. That I cannot understand.

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
When people cannot prove their understanding from the Bible. They often resort to worldly tactics.

We are to speak in love and kindness. Giving others the benefit of the doubt. Only GOD knows the hearts of others.

Is God In Control
Good points Strong Ax.

One of the attacks Trump made on Obama was that he played golf a couple of times a month. Trump plays on average 2 days a week. When he promised to play none. Trump's children are making large amounts of money. Trump has still refused to reveal his taxes. His actions have lead to the death of hundreds of thousands dead. He has made people doubt truth. That is not the work of GOD.

Is God In Control
You are right kathyr

Close To End Times
Well Kathyr we seem to have some agreements here.

Close To End Times
Jerry are you sure you belong to the same church I do?

I don't want more government control by right wing people who want to combine church and state so as to make this a Christian country for Evangelical leaders?

Yes I want Jesus to come. But I am for spreading love and the Gospel to the world. Not hate.

Is God In Control
looks like we agree on something. Trump is a bad leader. I do not trust him at all.

Satan On Over Drive
Some of those are works of Satan. Vaccinations are not. Viruses have been around since Noah. Letting people have freedom is a good thing. While I may disagree with their choices. I am opposed to living under a dictatorship. Where other people tell me what to think. Protestants fought for the right to decide for themselves. Millions died to stop the union of church and state.

Importance Of Free Will
Amen. Strong Ax.

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
First we cannot say who is saved. Many Calvinist will probably be in heaven. Salvation is extended to all who love GOD and love others. Not to just some denominations. We are saved because we love GOD and follow Jesus in love. That shows who is born again.

Close To End Times
Trump is a fascist wannabe. He still is limited right now. Hopefully he will get voted out.

I don't speculate on the end of days. I just keep my eyes on Jesus and work to preach and help others.

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
The Bible says.

Jhn 16:7,8

Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you, but if I depart, I will send Him to you.

And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:

The Holy Spirit will tell everyone they are sinners. It is up to us what do do with that truth.

Was Peter Saved Early
Yes. He was saved. But he was choosing to do wrong. When we accept Jesus we have to die daily to self.

Our eyes must be on Jesus. Jesus died so that every human could choose to be saved. Those who reject him will be lost because they choose to be lost.

The Calvinist System
Correct we must be born again by the Holy Spirit. But GOD does not force us to accept Jesus. We are all convicted by the Holy Spirit. Then we have to choose for or against.

Love GOD love others. Jesus loves everyone.

Importance Of Free Will
Dear kathr4453 Great point. When we are buried in Baptism we are to be dead to living in sin.

God gave Ten Commandments not suggestions.

Importance Of Free Will
One of the important reasons I reject Reformed Theology. Is that it teaches GOD does not love everyone. That only loves just a few.

The Calvinist System
Great Point Strong ax Thank you.

Should Churches Pay Taxes
Ven you are making foreknowlege to be GOD doing it. Just because GOD knows what will happen does not mean he causes it.

You have to teach that GOD does not love everyone. Since by your rule he made some so he could torture them for all eternity. That is a level of hate that is beyond description.

Kathyr you have a number of good points. It is nice to be on the same side.

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