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Is Missing Hell Fair
No matter how much time you were given to live in this world, God has put each one of us in a position that we would seek Him.

There are things that seem unfair from our point of view so it is better to think that God's ways are not our ways. Just have faith in God's character. Personally, whenever I am having a hard time trying to make sense of things, I just keep in mind that God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too Good to be unkind.

Salvation If We Sin
Once we accept Christ as our saviour, that He died on the cross to redeem us, we become His child and therefore saved. Our salvation does not go away just because we have sinned after we accept Christ. However, we Christians should not abuse this fact. Remember, God may not take back our salvation when we sin but we are still bound to suffer from the consequences of our sins.

Furthermore, a true Christian desires to walk right with God and will feel remorse everytime he sins not because of fear of going to hell but bacause he knows that he made the Holy Spirit weep because of his failure to overcome sin.

Are Angels Male Or Female
The angels mentioned in the bible are all male, so if that will be our basis, we could assume that all angels are male. Also angels were created first before Adam and it seems that God only thouhgt of creating a female (Eve) because Adam got lonely.

How To Pursue A Woman
Before you pursue a woman, you should ask your self first, would she be someone that God would want me to be with? Are we a positive influence to each others life? To be able to answer this question, you should try to get to know the person first.

As you go through the "getting to know you stage," pray to God that He leads you to His perfect will.

Do You Rebaptise
it depends on How old you were, However, if God called you to be baptized again by all means do it. I would recomend it but I woul strongly advise that Some churches won't do rebaptism in cases like what you are describing, I would keep in mind a rededication where you can actually repent and continue to be a Christ follower. it is entirely up to you either way Rebaptism and Rededication (Recommitment). I would do it publicly if your church will allow you because what it is that you are stating that you have sinned and seen the errors in your ways

Is This A Rededication
Unless you are truly sure about. I want to myself but I have been rejected for baptism. If you haven't done it and they rejected don't feel bad, an alternate way is by publicaly Recommitting your life

Prayers To The Virgin Mary
Alan, God surely would not answer a prayer to Mary. This go's against His nature. He will have no God's before Him, and praying to her is praying to a god. I know because it's all over scripture. Jesus said to pray to God, not Mary. Some may take this lightly, but God takes His glory very seriously. So it does'nt matter what we say or think. When we start reasoning that "God knows our heart", we push out His truth, because He already let us know how He stands on this issue. His way, not ours.

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