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Is Israeli Response Excessive
Israel's response is not excessive. If "that event" happens to your own soldiers, then I believe your respective governments would react not in the same fashion maybe, but in the same level. In the area where Israel is, where tooth for a tooth is the rule (and is observed by the surrounding countries), then Israel's resonse IS THE MOST APPRORIATE.

Why Only Men Wrote The Bible
In the days of old, only men are allowed to deal with learning. Women are just relegated to cooking, household duties and making babies! Women are just "secondary" citizens in a man's world!

Proof That You Are A Christian
What's your point for showing to people that you are a Christian? Would you get insecure if you are not recognized as Christian?

20 Year Old Man And 40 Woman
The 40 year old woman is looking for a son while the 20 year old man is looking for a mother, I hope, not a sugar mommy! I am sorry to be reacting this way but I could not help it! The moderator is telling the truth! It is not natural!

I Want To Date A Muslim
With your plans to date a Muslim, you are in for a lot more trouble! Not only for now but forever! Beware! Your foolish heart and your Messianic complex might trap you in a relationship that comlicates your life.

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