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Can A Catholic Marry A Protestant
I cannot agree more with the moderator. It is your Christian duty not only to avoid the apostacy of a mixed marriage, but to claim for Christ the soul of one you proclaim to love. You owe it to her to show her the error of her ways. It should be obvious to you that the love and tenderness you feel toward her, that feeling of comfort, that connection, is an illusion. This is the work of the devil himself and his emmisary on earth, the Pope. Save yourself and save her if you can.

Obama Bows To Muslims
Of Course! Obama is a Muslim and is required to bow when greeting other Muslims. Otherwise Allah will smite him. I thought you all knew that. This is just another small but sure sign that the end times are at hand. The Antichrist sits in the highest office in the land, and the tribulation will soon commence. I weep every day, knowing that (as in Chronicals, Kings, ect.) the God that punishes those nations who reject him is ready to rain fire, plague, and pestillance down upon us. We were a Christian nation until 1/20/09. Everyone knows Christ himself took our brave forefathers by the hand and led them to this modern promised land. Woe be to us who have rejected him.....his judgment is at hand.

What Is The Meaning Of Life
i have been searching for the meaning of life, my whole life. The only thing i can see in life is happiness, which is harder to come by every day that passes. We are past the point of reproducing (noticeable from the over populated world)...
All i read about 'for what the meaning of life is', is love...
Love is just an emotion, and therefore just a feeling. Therefore we come back to the point of happiness. Obviously love has created happiness in these writers lives and this is what they believe as the meaning of life.
I truly believe there is no meaning to life. I wish i could change this. Problem is words are a filter - they never represent the true feelings.

Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
Jesus paid for the penalty of all our sins (ppf). A true disciple of Jesus is no longer guilty (requires the punishment) of their sins. Jesus took their punishment for them. However, they still have the guilty feeling in their conscience and the consequences of their future sins.

Ref~Leviticus the three required offerings (KJV-sin, burnt, peace).

To get rid of the guilty conscience use 1Jn1:9,
To get help through the consequences use Heb13:5-6,

If I lied to someone, I would not stop being Gods child (Jesus took my punishment). Yet, I would have to repent and apologize to that person and God. Then to overcome the consequences, ask God to help me to seek forgiveness of that person and to rebuild their previous trust.

Did Jesus Pay For Our Sins
Eloy and Nichol,

If you read through the scripture, you will see God seeks mercy not vengeance from those who follow him. A true disciple of Jesus repents from wanting is own way and seeks to put Gods way first in their life. For that God makes them his child Jn1:12, In that relationship, God uses gratitude to keep the disciple from sinning not guilt. Using guilt only leads to bitterness.

Before you were born, all of your sins were future. Let me ask, when you disobeyed your parents, did you have to be born from your mothers womb again. No. The same is with God.

God said, I will cast their sins into the deepest sea and remember them no more. Jeremiah~Micah~Hebrews.

What Is Oneness Doctrine
John 3:16 After Jesus was baptized,just as he was coming up out of the water, the heavens opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming on him. And a voice from heaven said,This is my one dear Son, in him I take great delight.

Flood Of Noah Global
Alan, I still await your reply. I find I cannot have a discussion of any value when the other party will not declare its hand. I am in favour of the global explanation. Where do you stand?

Good People Go To Heaven Or Hell
JESUS said i am the truth the way and the life,no man comes to the father but by me.if i person is born again they go to heaven.hell will be full of good people.only those covered in the blood of JESUS will enter GODS kingdom.

Christians Watch Barbara Walters
I believe Christ would want everyone to reach peace no matter the route they choose. His way is they way many of us follow. It is our custom. Some of us believe Christ came in many forms to help many people.

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