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Any Alternative Medicine Views
When God created the world and all that is in it he said it was good. What God created (naturally) certainly must be better than the chemicals created by man. I worry that the chemicals we are taking in is what is making us sick.

Do You Dress Up For Church
I feel I should clarify my earlier post. I may have misunderstood the question. I certainly don't feel that we need to be dressed "fancy or fashionably" for church only with modesty and good taste. I hope I'm a little clearer now...(remember...I'm new to this-lol)Thanks for the welcome Elsie!

Do You Dress Up For Church
This is my first Blog. Here's my two cents worth: Our local schools do not allow my children to "come as you are". A dress code is set so that the environment is conducive to learning and out of respect. I feel we should respect our houses of worship (& God) also. We should be modest in our appearance. A bare midriff, too-low cut tops & thigh high shorts, are not modest in any setting. I do not want to offend my fellow christians nor my God - so I will continue dressing with modesty!

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