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Close To End Times

ven: "Kath, the liars and haters have been you, Axe, and mike."

I agree. The "M-squad" (M is for Marxist) here has lied 250,000 times. They are so steeped in their blind hatred of America and our values, that they can no longer be reasoned with. They lost the last election fair and square, yet they can't stop crying about Trump. They now support the Marxist-Satanist BLM and Communist Antifa organizations as well as the anarchy on our streets.

I believe that it is impossible for a Democrat to be a Christian.

Close To End Times

Katty: A discussion with you is impossible since you are not able to stay focused and seem to have no concept of objective truth.

Close To End Times

Dear Marxist friends: There are none so blind as those who will not see. Several prominent Democrats have stated their support of the senseless riots in Democrat-run cities, as have the mayors of those cities. The out-of-town thug army is well organized (by Obama) and well funded (by Soros). Innocent people are being murdered for the crime of being born white.

Yet your only reaction is to blame Trump and the Republicans who are trying to stop it. You racists are fomenting this race war. Is this what you really want?

Is God In Control

Nurse: Why are you supporting thugs who murder people and destroy other people's property?

Close To End Times

You leftist anarchists are pathetic. You defend the street thugs who are trying to destroy our nation, while demeaning the one man that is trying to save it - President Trump. You call good evil and evil good. Woe to you! And you have the gall to call yourselves "Christian". That's taking the Lord's name in vain.

The choice in November is clear: President Trump with Law and Order or Joe Biden with continued anarchy.

I still maintain that it is impossible to be both a Christian and a DemocRAT.

Are Democrats Terrorists

ax: "police have definite evidence white nationalists were among the crowds of protesters"

Just like the evidence the DEMwits had of our President colluding with the Russians, making deals with the Ukrainians, etc. Just like the white supremacists beat up Jussie Smollett. If a Democrat says it, it's a lie.

You commies are standing with the BLM terrorists who just attacked the Grace Baptist Church in Troy, NY. What will you do when they attack your church? Will you bow before them?

Democrats are TERRORISTS!

Are Democrats Terrorists

ax & katty: Where do you guys get your info? Your positions and data have no basis in reality. Moreover, you are actively supporting the overthrow of the rule of law, if not the nation itself. If you don't like America, please leave.

No Christian should be supporting rioting, vandalism, theft, etc. as is happening on a wide scale in the US due to Antifa and BLM terrorists.

Are Democrats Terrorists

katty: "folks are smart enough now to see the White Supremacist's are responsible for much of the violence and distruction [sic]."

I think you meant "stupid" enough. Have you not seen the videos of the BLM terrorists burning US cities. I just read where a young mother in Indianapolis (Jessica Whitaker) was murdered by BLM thugs for daring to say "ALL lives matter".

You are defending the indefensible. BLM is a Marxist organization that donates to the Democrat Party. The Communist Party has just endorsed Joe Biden for president. Now doesn't that make you feel all warm inside?

Are Democrats Terrorists

ax: "Why do "pro-life" people picket abortion clinics, but not death row? Don't "ALL lives matter"?"

Every time I think you Marxists couldn't get any more ridiculous, you show me that you can. Little babies are innocent, and God has given them parents as protectors - not executioners. Death row murderers are guilty and deserve death, as prescribed in the Bible.

kat: "Why do you say all lives matter Jerry when you absolutely don't believe that . Healthcare for all is ALL LIVES MATTER."

Yes I do. No it isn't. Healthcare for all is equal misery for all.

Who Are You Voting For

You Marxist Democrats are hell-bent on destroying our beloved country. Look at the racial divide and the anarchy YOU are causing by supporting these Marxist organizations and their DC backers. And why? Because you lost an election to a guy you don't like? I didn't like Obama, but I didn't riot because of his having won.

You are going to start another civil war. And you WON'T win.

Who Are You Voting For

ax: You have gone so far off the deep end that your posts are reminiscent of Biden's unintelligible babblings. That's what communist brainwashing will do. Are you also holed up in a basement, afraid to venture out into the real world? Your Marxist Party has drug our nation through one hoax after another just because you are miffed that you LOST the 2016 election. You will lose again this year.

sam: As a Commandment-keeping Christian, how can you support the Party of lying, envy, theft, abortion, sexual perversion and enslavement, when there are commandments against these sins?

Are Democrats Terrorists

sam: "Black lives matter. Jesus loves all the little children all the children of the world. Red and Yellow Black and White."

I agree, but don't let the BLM thugs (who really say ONLY black lives matter) hear you say that or they will attack you and your family. They are members of a MARXIST goon squad bent on overthrowing America.

Why do yo as a Christian associate yourself with such a lawless, evil crowd? Do you also kneel before them? Do you kneel during our National Anthem? Do you support their violent overthrow of our country? Do you agree that the police should be disbanded so that anarchy can rule in our land?

Who Are You Voting For


Biden is a gaff-making joke.

Trump has done much to clean up the wreckage left by Obama the Horrible.

Socialism is stupidity, created by atheists to destroy civilizations. It has been tried many times worldwide with the same disastrous results. No true Christian should come anywhere near such a godless system of envy, theft and enslavement.

Different Denominations Marry

ax: "You have two opposed ideas (thesis and antithesis), and the combination of these yields a new and different truth that embodies both of these conflicting truths (synthesis)."

Spoken like a true Marxist - quoting the Hegelian Dialectic. Are you hoping for a marvelous new civilization to arise from the ruin caused by the rioting of your BLM/Antifa comrades? It hasn't worked before - not likely that it will this time.

What will it take to get your head out of the dark place where it currently resides?

Are Democrats Terrorists

ax: "the early Church was totally socialist"

What a crock! The early church participation was VOLUNTARY. Socialist participation is FORCED! Why do you think so many people want to come to America? For the socialism? No, it's for the benefits of capitalism. Forced socialism destroys a nation - free-market capitalism builds it up.

Go back to socialist Canada if you love socialism so much. Too cold? Then try Cuba or Venezuela.

Are Democrats Terrorists

ax: You poor Marxists are so confused. There were only NINE unarmed black men killed by white cops in 2019. The cop who killed George Floyd this year was arrested and charged with murder. Most of the BLM (a Marxist organization) murders, assaults, vandalism, etc. goes unpunished, and is even supported by prominent Democrats. Your sense of right and wrong is upside down. You cheer for the criminals and denigrate the innocent. This is NOT Christian.

You anarchists are not very bright. If you indeed manage to incite another civil war, you will not like the outcome. Those of us on the right side have the courage and all the guns.

Are Democrats Terrorists

nursey: "Jerry wouldn't know a communist if he spit in his face..."

Sure I would. I just see if the "useful idiot" espouses Marxist doctrine such as collectivism vs. individualism, government confiscation of private property, rioting, speech control, disrespect for religion, the law, etc.

Thus, when you Communists on CN espouse your leftist doctrine, you spit in my face, and the faces of every loyal American. Your state religion is incompatible with Christianity.

Are Democrats Terrorists

ax: "I check stories out from multiple sources to see if they are"

Yeh, but your "sources" all speak the same commie lies. I'll bet you never listen to Rush Limbaugh or Tucker Carlson, do you? Your idea of an unbiased journalist is Rachael Madcow.

You are a guest in OUR country. How dare you presume to lecture us about our heritage. The Confederacy is indeed a part of the heritage of the Southern States. We are not traitors. Antifa & BLM are traitors, as is the former CHAZ in Seattle. They violate US Law with impunity, and send money to the Dem Party.

In America, we are have the right to freedom of speech, so we have the right to say things that may offend you. You offend us daily.

Are Democrats Terrorists

axster: You must have your head buried in the sand, or elsewhere. If you got your news from somewhere other that fake news MSDNC, you would know that America is being torn apart by far-left Antifa and BLM activists. With generous funding by Communist George Soros, they travel from state to state destroying property, murdering innocents, and attempting to erase our American heritage. Meanwhile, your esteemed Democrat leadership bows before them in obedience while they burn our flag. Why can't you leftists understand that we love our country and don't want a gang of thugs destroying it?

I didn't appreciate your allusion to me as a child of Satan, especially when you better fit that comparison since he is the father of lies.

Take COVID-19 Vaccination Today

Would you take the Covid-19 vaccination if it was mandatory? Why or why not?

No. Flu vaccines are historically ineffective. Injected people still get the flu. The vaccines contain dangerous toxins. I have the right to say what is injected into my body.

There is a more dangerous pandemic than COVID19, and several people on this website have it. It's called Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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