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Is God In Control
No two socialistic countries are exactly alike. There are so many variances. For instance, many want to compare how well Canada does under socialism. The reviews are favorable. Here's the thing, .....Canada also practices Capitalism it's not completely socialistic. In Canada, ( I'm not sure if the laws have changed) no one can own property. You lease it for 99 years. No personal wealth in that way to pass down. Here in America that would NEVER happen. And like Canada We will also practice Capitalism in businesses.

So I'd be careful about giving some archaic definition of socialism, as having only one course of action.

Biden isn't even for Medicare for all. Stop the lies.

Is God In Control
I stated earlier it's dishonest to assume Democrats are socialists. only Bernie Sanders fits that category with a few who support him. To suggest Democrats are socialists who David is scratching his head wondering how they plan to put America back together was a dishonest comment made in the form of a question.

That was David's question to me and Strongaxe. Like always these questions step off the path and always go down some rabbit hole that was never the question to begin with. There are all sorts of socialistic groups, ....those run by dictators, or tyrants, and democratic socialism, like Canada, England, Australia, etc. But I don't see Biden taking us there.

His plan for recovery will 1) HAVE A PLAN.....2 ) HAVE A PLAN

Is God In Control
Well being a democrat doesn't necessarily mean one is a socialist either. I think this is the hype being rammed down everyone's throat. Oh look at Venezuela..."this will happen to us" mentality is also wrong. Labeling Democrats socialists is just as wrong as labeling Republicans racists. Yes there are racists in the GOP, and socialistic leanings in the democratic party. But to say all Republicans are racists and all Democrats are socialists is wrong.

Plus Trump was told in the beginning a second shut down would be a disaster to the economy, so if there is one Trump is to blame. He squandered precious time and mocked those trying to get it under control.

Baptism Gone Wrong
David, me either. What I have researched, this started with tradition not actual biblical obedience. I have always stressed many religious traditions are based on pagan traditions and practices. I think many think they are following early Christian practices, when actually many of those were based on RCC tradition, where infant baptism began ( also not scriptural) where I'm sure most infant baptisms were with babies being naked . No scripture when we read about many baptisms in ACTS never once insinuate one was naked, and using false statements Jesus was naked when baptized. Like I said, looking on anothers nakedness was a sin. They are accusing Jesus of breaking the LAW, forcing others, men and women to look upon him on purpose.

Is God In Control
David's question is so disingenuous, because all this time when Trump had the power to make decisions from the top, that would have lowered this contagion, he came against everyone , governors, DR's ect who did all they could to stop it. Then seems to think because he closed airports he should be worshipped as a hero.

Trump right from the beginning LIED, as we see in the Bob Woodward tapes, PLAYED POLITICS with this, as we hear his words at a Feb 28th rally in NC that it was a democratic hoax, and on and on even now. Yet David still wants to blame what he calls socialists. Statements like that is mind boggling.

And Strongaxe, we CAN judge one by words and deeds and choose NOT TO FOLLOW THEM, David is wrong there too.

Is God In Control
That is the attitude of Senator Kennedy of Louisiana. Let the old people die so we can get on with life. This is horrible the GOPers want to play God in who should live and die, all the while pushing through a pro life SC Justice, and then taking folks off of healthcare at the same time. The inconsistency is schizophrenia beyond words.

Dave, those who don't care if they get sick and die should be up to the individual, not the government or ones neighbor. Only a dictatorship ruler would make such a decision. YIKES. AND Trump squandered all this time and money, fighting against common sense. There was ample time and money to get schools ready....and nothing happened, because Trump won't give states money for public schools.

Husband Hangs With Others
KarenD, or it could be you scared her off right out of the cage. its true some people post questions that are nonsense, and actually rude, like the post from anonymous who's question was a real put down and insult to women today.

I think we ladies would all feel the same if someone in your circle stabbed you in the back, as does happen, and your best friend said nothing and stayed friends with the backstabber behind your back. Honesty would say...gee, I still like Linda, so I'm gonna stay out of it. Cowards and two faced friends would be deceitful. Most BFF's would stay loyal to their BF and even call the troublemaker backstabber out. Husbands are our very BFF. MORE than just our best friends forever.

Husband Hangs With Others
KarenD, yes, why? It's not about me or you . And I see nothing in Liz's question that would indicate she's consumed with jealousy. I see betrayal. There are many women who are not well so to speak (in an emotional /mental way where their husbands are extremely protective . I guess they took their vows seriously..."in sickness and in health".

Liz, can you give us more info so others don't make up false accusations, that only reinforce your feelings of betrayal of others who jump to conclusions making you the bad guy. It shouldn't happen here for you again.

Baptism Gone Wrong
David, I agree. Folks simply fail to read OT Law, and before Jesus Crucifixion many verses in the OT show it was a sin to look on another's nakedness. Even Priests had to be clothed from the waist down. We see the soldiers gambling for Jesus'robe or garment. Jesus' humiliation was in being made in the form of man...also seeing Jesus Mother and other women at the Cross where Jesus was crucified would not be there if Jesus was naked, because it would go against their OT LAW they were still under. No scripture either says Jesus or anyone else was baptized naked where these same laws of looking upon another's nakedness still applied..

Husband Hangs With Others
KarenD, you have no proof she wants total control of her husband. Projecting anothers shortcomings onto everyone is wrong. No one here really knows all the facts at hand. However, I believe Husbands are to care for their wives as the weaker vessel. Even if Liz has other issues, it's still her husbands responsibility to have her back no matter what.

I also know men who have no respect for their wives because they really don't respect women in general.

Is God In Control
David. Firstly, you formed your question in a lie. That I find deceitful. The virus is not a socialist....yikes. And we've never faced this before except in 1918. We see that all around Europe the rise in infections, just as the scientists predicted. I believe they are discussing going back to lock-downs, not because they are promoting socialism, but promoting the saving of lives of the people and healthcare workers.

Look, when all healthcare workers end up either dead or simply overwhelmed and have to quit because of other health issues, then hospitals have to close because no one is there to run them, YEA, CAPITALISM MUST BE AT ITS BEST. People can rum a mock...and FREEDOM will reign.

Where Are Traditional Ladiesss
God created women today to be able to stand up to men that are cheaters, liars, unfaithful, abusers, discriminate in the work place etc.

Back then women depended on marriages to support them, and men to take care of them. So it was more of a necessity. But with that, many men had mistresses on the side while their stay home woman ironed their shirts and were pregnant most of the time, physically abused their wife, and oppressed their individuality. There was only one car, trapping the woman from outside activities.

Anonymous, this is why men like yourself today, intimidated by strong women get mail order brides from third world countries.

Husband Hangs With Others
Wow, victim blaming.

The answer is, many men, not all are totally oblivious to the idea of defending their wife, and having her back no matter what..even if she is wrong. That's what husbands are suppose to do.

Some men, and women are simply insecure and need everyone to love them, even if it is offensive to those who aren't so needy.

Is God In Control
And praise the Lord those malitia groups were stopped in their tracks, where GOD placed Gretchen as Governor over the folks of Michigan, where GOD wrote the constitution of the United States clearly showing Governors not the President call the shots over the people of the state. Where these vile malitia groups with murder in their hearts will now possibly serve LIFE SENTENCES in prison for following Trumps tweet of LIBERATE MICHIGAN, calling out these goons when they showed up with their AK47 and AR15's , exposing them to the FBI, that clearly backfired GOD SHOWING US in real time what real law and order is according to the WILL OF GOD. Trump encouraged sedition in Michigan, against our law and against Gods Laws. Proverbs 26:27

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
David, of course this is addressed to those saved aka justified as I pointed out we must be justified by faith first. And as a result of our justification God has already at that point of our sincere faith baptized you into Christ's death and resurrection life. It's really up to us to KNOW THESE FACTS and OBEY THESE FACTS if you have been born again.

Your still making up excuses to not obey these facts.

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
David , yes I'm glad you reworded according to scripture. Now go and read what Peter has to say on this subject in 1 Peter 4. THOSE WHO HAVE SUFFERED IN THE FLESH HAVE CEASED FROM SIN. So we see this suffering is not a self inflicted suffering, but as Paul testifies to in Philippians 3, THE FELLOWSHIP OF "HIS SUFFERING", BEING MADE CONFORMABLE TO HIS DEATH...

So David THIS is the way to VICTORY over sin scripture teaches. And that victory is living in the NEW MAN, that can only be done by daily putting to death through the Holy Spirit ..the old man.

Romans 8....EVERY WORD explains this truth.

Baptism Gone Wrong
Pastor Chris, what verse in the bible says Jesus was naked at His Baptism? Or is this understanding tradition too. If scripture says nothing about having to be naked, where we read about many baptisms yet NO WHERE even with Cornelius family were they all told to strip.

So your TRADITION is perverted. Why, because it's a MAN MADE TRADITION.

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
Here Paul reiterates this again, and through out scripture. John in 1 John 3:14. You know you have passed from death to life when .....

We died with Christ, buried with Him being baptized into His death and are raised up together with Him a NEW CREATURE. Those IN CHRIST have experienced the second death here and now , and will not face the second death at the great white throne judgement. WE will be part of the FIRST RESURRECTION.

2 Corinthians 4:10 Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. Yes read the whole chapter.

Jesus fortold this in John 12:24 for those who don't like Pauls teaching.

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
To be IN THE LIGHT is to be in the Spirit...because the SPIRIT OF HIM is GOD and only GOD IS LIGHT. We cannot in our own strength even put to death the deeds of the flesh,AKA SIN, only CHRIST IN YOU via The Holy Spirit can. Anything else is SELF SANCTIFICATION SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, Phariseeism.

Romans 8:11 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.12 Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. 13 For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit "do mortify" (AKA PUT TO DEATH) the deeds of the body, ye shall live.

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