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Singles Men Are Athletes
If you are looking for a spouse, then obviously you want to have things in common with them. I really do enjoy being active and going to the gym, if my wife didn't, then that would be a lot of time we would have to spend apart. I thought the point of marriage was to spend your life 'together'.

If I enjoy being active and being healthy, that does not mean I am stupid, and wanting someone who is active and healthy does not mean I am shallow.

Why Are Todays Kids Mean
I personally think it's just perception. When I was a kid we had fights in school, kids were mean to other kids etc. When you go back and look at old television shows, there were always bullies. I taught HS for awhile, and I must say most of the time I felt like the kids of today are 'better' than we were. They are definitely smarter, more aware of world issues, more charitable than kids were when I was in HS. Most of the problem is 24hr news just brings to the surface all the actions of bad kids. .

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