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Pastor's Wife Is Controlling
I don't think approaching the couple can solve the problem as mentioned in some of the messages the Pastor is 100% in his wife. I am too don't know how to solve this problem and still existing until now. And going to other church compromises my so cold " LOYALTY" so the only thing I can do is to observe and let everything happened as it is and wait for Gods miracle. I hope someone can give us an answer without leaving the Church.

Who is Chuck Missler?
He is a crook i dont belive he is a christian more a wolf in sheeps clothing he may know his bible but uses his knowledge for personal financial gain

Who Are Cave Men
John; and all here. I remember mostly the verse, 'The fear(awe) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.' It is in contrite humility that one must go before him. I am dealing with the issue of the blog. I ask an old question, does one have to ignore objective reality to maintain faith? The ISSUE of Genesis is interesting. Metaphor is not always myth. I believe God trancends physical reality, but does act in oppsition to it. Lets deal with the issue, not ad hominum.

Do I Pull My Kids Out Of School
Natural selection is not evolution, but a subset? Never heard that before. I only deal with the emperic, not vague philosophical paradigms. My Father says women have no business being in ANY college. My strong drive for education he sees as 'unwomanly.' He ordered me to quit the debate team in high school, saying it made me 'rebellious,' that was it for me. I learned to dispise ignorance, and systems that render individuals as such. The Lord did not endow us with reason and then ask us to suspend its use.

Moderator - Then you should appreciate the wisdom I am passing on to you since you like the highly educated and successful. Don't let your pride pull you down.

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