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Can A Woman Be A Pastor
When Paul admonished women to be silent in church there was a reason for it. Maybe I should get up and go look for it before stating it here but here goes...
Women back then used to get up and embarrass their husbands publicly. Now remember in a Jewish Synagogue they could not even sit with their husbands.

Good Old Christian Hymns
My mother sang a really weird hymn when we were kids. The words went something like this: Oh death have mercy, can there be? Mercy still reserved for me, I am a flower just in my youth, and will you cut me down so soon?
Old age or youth I never spare, For if you look in yonder church yard, There will you see them in hundreds laid, Where I have made my awful play.
Since she died I have asked just about everyone and so far no seem to have ever heard of such a hymn. Is there anyone who knows this Hymn?

Can Christians Do Drugs
Nicotine, sorry about that.

nicotine is addictive to many animals besides humans. Mice will self-administer nicotine and experience behavioral unpleasantries when its administration is stopped. Gorillas have learned to smoke cigarettes by watching humans, and have similar difficulty quitting.
A study found that nicotine exposure in adolescent mice retards the growth of the dopamine system, thus increasing the risk of substance abuse during adulthood.

Can Christians Do Drugs
Are cigarettes a drug, some think nicotene is highly addictive, is that considered a drug? It sets your nerves on edge and lowers your pain threshold.

Explain The 2,300 Day Prophecy
The arguments over Danile 8 prophecy will probably never be answered to the satisfaction to everyone. However there are a few things that we should look at if we wish to remain honest to it's understanding.
The angel said 2300 evenings and mornings. This points back to Genesis - the evening and the morning was a day.
Daniel 12:7 states: ".. when.... all these things shall have come to an end." Therefor when Titus sacked Jerusalem in AD 70 the prophecies of Daniel had come to an end.

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