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Must Obey Creationist View
Facts are based on proof. So i need proof in order to belive in something. And if something has no proof I'm not going to belive it. I'm sorry about the moth theory, I didn't realize it was false. But I still agree with evolution. I read "Origin of the Species" and it made perfectly logical sence to me. So that's why I belive it.

Do I Pull My Kids Out Of School
The evolution theory is saying humans used to resemble monkeys but evantually evolved into what we are today and its better for him to no both sides of the debate Then he wont seem ignorant and stuipd in debates Put him back in school As for your daughteer women arent made to be wifes and motheres They can do many other things Its pointless wasiting god given intelligence on that when they want to do so many greater things My moms a CEO but it doesnt mean she wasnt a mother and a wife

Must Obey Creationist View
And they'll keep changing as long as the enviornment changes. These are called the five rules of Darwin. Before you bash something you might want to learn a bit about it. And also, theres some recent proof, during the industrial ages, moths that were generally bluish, turned gray, so they can hide them selves in the smoke from the factories, so they wouldnt get eaten. But as the polution died down, they got their blue color back.

Moderator - The moth example was proven a fraud 40 years ago.

Must Obey Creationist View
You know how every human looks diffrent? It's just saying, that the animals born with certain charecteristics alowed them to live and not get killed, rather then the ones without those charecteristics. So evantually over time, animals came to look as they did now. With most of the undesirable charecterisitcs gone.

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