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Explain The 2,300 Day Prophecy
Those who believe we are relieved of Moses' Law should commit adultery, lie, and murder. If not was only one commandment nailed while nine others remain in force? All denominations teaching that Yeshua nailed the Law should not accept tithes. Tithing was established under the Levitical priesthood. If your church teaches OT rules only apply to Jews, tithing falls into that category too. Yeshua entered the synagogue on the Sabbath (Luk 4:16,6:6, 13:10). Paul customerily entered the synagogue Sabbath(Acts 13:14, 27,42,44,15:21,16:13, 17:2). Hence he writes in Heb 4:9: So there remains a Shabbat-keeping for God's people.Gentiles kept the Sabbath after the cross (Acts 18:4) hence we are still required to observe the 7th-day Sabbath.
Modern Daniel

What If Big Bang Is True
The only logic big bang theory is the exact account as recorded in Genesis. Throughout the Bible there is a big noise when God speaks and that is exactly what happened when He spoke the universe into existence. If not what holds the universe intact? Where does gravity come from? Who controls the movement of planets? How come there are no accidental collisions between the planets? Who supplies continuous energy to the sun? Energy and matter can neither be created nor destroyed, they can only be tranformed from one form into another. It was not an accident that life is only found on earth and not on other planets within visinity. Life on earth is not an accidental evolution. There is a greater power who purposefully put it into existence.

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