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Do I Pull My Kids Out Of School
Niki- Is it your viewpoint that science and Christianity are not mutually exclusive? I'm just trying to understand what you are saying, not criticizing.

Should Women Be Preachers
Tanya- At my church there are only women teachers also and this has been the case for as long as I can remember. There is just noone else willing to do the job.

Who Are Cave Men
Mike M. Even at non-bible colleges it is possible to serve God. The Baptist Student Union and the Fellowship of Christian Atheletes are two organizations that try to reach out to other students as well as the communities where the colleges are. They have mission trips as well. I think that you can be exposed to bad influences at colleges but no more so than in the rest of the world. It's individual choice whether or not to be swayed by those influences or stay true to God's word.

Who Are Cave Men
My educational background is in Biology (B.S. then M.S) but I believe in what the bible says literally. Is my God powerful enough to create the universe, to part the Red Sea, to destoy the world with a flood- YES. Do I need to know how he did those things to believe in him- NO. Everything I have ever seen from a scientific standpoint just points at his greatness. How amazing and perfect his designs were, planned to the smallest detail.

Tithe To Be A Good Member
Anon- It seems to me that the basis of your answer is from a monitary standpoint, not a scriptural one. I do feel that churchs should support their ministers, however, we are to rely on God for all our needs, not church members.

Tithe To Be A Good Member
I once went to a church where the preacher told the women if they were married they had to ask their husband if they could give their tithe (even if they worked and earned the money) and if the husband said no then they shouldn't give. I think that none, preacher included, should be involved in someone's decision to tithe/give. It has to do with my personal relationship with God and isn't anyone else's business. Whether or not someone else gives is not my business either.

Jesus Never Existed
I just wonder if we don't publicly defend Jesus's name if we are being like Peter and denying him.

Jesus Never Existed
I worry because the what ifs I guess. What if he makes it to this European Court of Human Rights? What if this court decides that Jesus's name can't be used in churches? What if Christians aren't aware of the evil in the world around us and let Jesus be removed from our churchs?

How long do we wait to stand up for Jesus? We waited too long to stand up for prayer in our schools.

Jesus Never Existed
Thanks Alan for the extra information. I saw the article for the first time on Friday and was upset by it.

Catholic Church Traditions
Forgive me for my ignorance, I truly don't much much about the Catholic church or their doctrine but it seems to me that as long as we agree that Jesus Christ came, died on the cross and rose again to pay for our sins and we have accepted him into our hearts that none of the rest should really matter. I think a Catholic without Jesus truly in their heart would be the same as a Baptist or Methodist without Jesus- just another lost person.

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