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In The Bible Do Angels Have Wings
Since the bible was written over who knows how many hundreds years by how many different people. No one can answer these and many other questions. Angles are part of these stories. As far as I'm concerned these are just more stories.

Am I A Big Fat Pig
Dude, don't look at yourself as some monstrosity, over weighted animal. You're perfect the way you are and God knows it. Plus I love huge pigs. Maybe you can be my pet pig and live in my barn.

Church Under 10 Commandments
Jesus said to abide in His Word, His Word is Truth. The Truth shall make you free. If you abide in Jesus, then you MUST profess to keep ALL of the ten commandments. Period! Show me grace in the ten virgin story? For that matter, show me grace in Revelation?

Against Women Preachers
Thyratira is a prophecy about the SDA church. (So are all the 7 last churches for that matter) God made man and woman equal, just at God the Father and God the Mother (Holy Spirit as found in Rev. 12) equal. It takes both to create, just as man and woman. Paul was therefore incorrect.

Are Divorced Christians Failures
YOU cannot take ANY of this guilt on to yourself. Let the "guilt" fall solely on the one who is guilty. If she will not stop, then kick her to the curb. There are plenty of great ladies out there. You will be surprised how much you really did not need her.

Committing Suicide A Selfish Act
Once your gone, who gives a rat's if you've been selfish.

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