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Personal Encounters With Demons
I have experience seeing and encountering spirits my whole life as child growing up. Very frequently, as frequent as last night 12/30/09. I was awaken in my sleep by the feeling of someon crawling into the other side of my bed. In the midst of conciousness and half sleep I rolled over to take a look thinking I must be dreaming. As I quickly fell asleep I was awaken by me being on my back with a strong forceful squeeze to my upper rib cage that hurt as I tried to speak my tongue was tied and I stuggled to yell In Jesus name I rebuke you and cast you out into the outer darkness where you belong... eventually it lifted its hold and left. Anyone help with understanding this ?

Sick People Have No Faith In God
If you can still go, then go, unless there is a chance that the sickness could be spread, it isn't very christain like to bestow disease amoungst others.

Should Christians Ban Books
Yet again, another situation where the action is done for entertainment, not for for religous truth, read a book for fun, not for truth...

Evolution Fossil Fish
Well, the bible is quite vague about the creation of man, scientific evidence cannot deny the vague idea that "man was created" the Lord created all life, so therefore EVERYTHING, has a creator, not just you, you just happen to be created in the Lord's image.

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