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Bible States No Christmas Trees
So let me get this straight Moderator. It's a sin in YOUR eyes for someone to bring a "plant" into their home during a season that seems to bring out the best in people, but NOT a sin to "enjoy a couple of glasses of REAL Holiday SPIRIT" and kill somebody on the way home from the office Christmas party? Stop being so religious by demanding scriptural proof of something that should be so obvious to a REAL child of God!

Moderator - Sis_M, I can't tell if you are being serious with your comments to people on these blogs? Was someone close to you killed or harmed by a drunk? All silliness aside you seem extremely bitter over something. What is bothering you?

Bible States No Christmas Trees
OK, what's wrong with THIS picture? The Moderator doesn't believe in paying tithes and sees nothing wrong with drinking alcohol, but all of us who enjoy the CHRISTmas holidays by decorating a tree and buying gifts to give to others are PAGAN and in danger of going to hell?

Moderator - That is correct. Everything we have belongs to God not just 10%. The scriptures are clear about alcohol as well as pagan practices. Please show scriptures Sis_M for your beliefs.

Have God's Moral Laws Changed
Eloy, you are dangerously borderlining on blasphemy. Moses was a man- a servant of God, just like you or I. Jesus was and IS the holy son of the living God. He was NOT just a "law-giver" The word of God is infalible, and NOWHERE in it did Jesus ever tell you that 2/3rds of it was old outdated stuff that you should just ignore. I shutter to think what kind of teaching you have been up under.

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
We'll see....we will see. My 'comparisons' and comments are being attacked only by those whose toes they are stepping on, as usual when the uncompromised truth is proclaimed. Worldly "CHRISTIANS" have always had a flair for twisting the Word to suit their fleshly desires and ease their consience. They always have, and they always will. I just know I'M not going to put that garbage in MY body and let it destroy the liver God gave ME. You all can if you want to. -I'm outa here

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
Sort of like this huh?> Pre-marital sex is fine, as long as you wear a condom and be.....responsible?

It never ceases to amaze me how many ways "christians" have at justifying their worldly ways >"There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death."

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
"family of 4 killed in a firey collision last night when struck head on by a man who had a double meat quarter pounder. Police say if he had only had a junior cheesburger, THEY WOULD ALL STILL BE ALIVE!" YOU still don't get it. the AMOUNT of mind-altering, sense-numbing substance that one should partake of is not the point. One drop of anything that 2 glasses of could cause a person to wipe out an entire family should tell anyone with common sense TO NOT MESS WITH IT AT ALLLLLL!

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
"It tells us how we can, and how we must not" -??????????????

Can Christians Drink A Little Wine
The moment she believed the devil's lie, the same lie that Eve was lulled into believing by sampling a seemingly harmless piece of fruit.......and the same lie most of the other make-your-own-rules people on this blog have believed. Sad, what people will make a god out of.

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