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Christian To Marry A Catholic
A catholic is a christian.They believe the trinity,profess Jesus Christ; born of a virgin,crucified,raised from the dead.In John 3:16,salvation is met.There are other traditions and beliefs practiced but God will be the judge. God desires all of man to be saved; who are we? His ways are not ours and His thoughts are not ours. Love each other as Christ loved us before we were saved. What if God made a way for all to be justified in his sight to defeat Satan, who after all is the only enemy.

Holy Spirit Is Gone
The Holy Spirit resides within every true believer of Jesus Christ the son of God. So when the believers which are also called the light of world and salt of the earth are raptured and taken up to be with the Lord; the Holy Spirit will go with them and be removed from the earth.What a terrible time on earth that will be.

Sick People Have No Faith In God
It is not true that Sick people are void of faith; however they lack the know-how of putting that faith in action. If one would humble themselves,repent of sin,turn from evil ways and seek God; then God promises to hear their requests and heal them (their land).

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