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Divorce Second Husband
This is not something you should handle alone. Seek God in Prayer and he will make the answers clear for you. May God abundantly bless you and give you peace.

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
I believe in Jesus because He believed in me first. He called me to His presence and made me His sheep. He is alive and talks to His people.

Contradictory Truths
Confusion between false unity and true unity:

The true gospel is not preached, and false gospels are often preached.
People are unable to differentiate between good and evil, they call good evil and evil good.
People don't recognize the difference between magic and faith in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Christians are willing to take part in fantasy games and read occult literature without realizing the evil that operates in some of those types of thinking.

The confused think of therapy as Buddhism and occultism blended together with secular humanism along with a few people who call themselves Christians who are as tangled into those problems as the ones who call themselves pagans.

True Meaning Of Friendship
When I went through a hard fall two years ago, I learned what friendship really means. Although many abandoned me, there were a few precious friends that hung in there. They did not lecture or Bible thump too much, instead showed extra love. I want to be that kind of friend. Actions speak louder than words is no longer a cliche to me.

Seeing A Married Man
Count the cost. The cost and consequences are too high!! You will lose so much more than he ever will. Ask God to help you see this man clearly. To love God more than you love your own desires, and discover where your relationship with God needs strengthening. Women look to unaccessible men because something is broken within us. Seek God for deliverance, because the consequences are far reaching. God loves you enough to get you out of this without too much scarring.

Can Salvation Be Lost
Why take the chance? Keep your face like flint and remain in Him!!

I Want To Be Cremated
My husband & I are committed Christians, and we have prepaid cremations. We will have "Graduation to Glory" services at our church, at a convenient time for family & friends, even coming from a distance. Gen. 3:19 does not tell us how dead bodies are to be disposed of, only that they will return to dust. Ashes are a form of dust. Most important is that we are ready to meet Christ. May God give you peace about this matter.

Parents Marrying Me Off
I don't know yet what I want to do. Hakim is financially stable. I could go to school and money would never be an issue. But he's 40 and I don't want to be with someone THAT much older than me. I am not in it for the $$, but then again, it would be nice to not have to work, so I could stay home with any kids God blesses us with. So many choices....

Parents Marrying Me Off
Hi everyone. I am LOVING Sydney. Preston & I are getting 2B really good friends. Someone asked what church we're attending. It's Arabic Calvary Chapel. They describe themselves as a Foursquare Church. It's a nice place. I can speak to the elders in Arabic and to my peers in Arabic or English. Hope all of you are well. Cheerio!!

Parents Marrying Me Off
Sydney is SO COOL!! Preston is showing me around on Sunday afternoon after church. I am so happy. The weather is beautiful and we're right on the Harbor. It's like my own little paradise. Thanks for backing me up on my little dilemma. I appreciate it. Until later....cheerio (-:

Parents Marrying Me Off
Hi everyone. I'm in Sydney & I meet Hakim next week. I'm happy & mad at the same time. I've made a new friend here & he's so cool. His name is Preston. He's 18 & we're going 2B neighbors. He works @ the restaurant near our villa. I talked to my dad about stuff...He *FINALLY* agreed that if I don't like Hakim when I meet him, I don't have to marry him yet. He still wants me 2 think it over, though. Small victory.

Parents Marrying Me Off
What I want is to finish school and work for a while-I want to be either a Social Worker or a lawyer. I haven't decided. I just want to live life for a while B4 I marry and have a family. I don't think that's 2 much to ask. Is it?

Parents Marrying Me Off
Hello Elsie & everyone else. I'm good. Getting ready to go to Sydney for 3 weeks to see the new house and see my hubby-2-B. I still have muxed feelings, but I am resigned to the fact that I can't go against my folks-Honor thy mother & father. My dad wants me to marry Hakim, so I have to obey them. Thanks again my friends for all your comments.

Parents Marrying Me Off
Hello, friends-
My dad finally let me see a pic of my soon-2-B hubby...EEEEWWWW The guy's like 40! He's well off, but geez. His name is Hakim. He's a Christian convert from Islam-same as us. Next month I get my travel visa and I get to see him face-2-face.

Just an update.

Parents Marrying Me Off
Thanks much for the imput. I'm starting to get ideas as to what I should do. I've been praying and I feel so at peace. Ok, another question based on my 1st one. If I do have to marry this guy, what are my rights? I'm a minor and I don't know Aussie law yet. Limited Internet access so I haven't been able to read up on anything. Thanks my friends (-:

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