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Was 2020 Election Stolen

Face it ... Democrats are traitors.

Was 2020 Election Stolen

ax: "Many Christian "prophets" still insist he won the election, despite that obviously being not true"

Prophet or no, he still won by a landslide. There was and still is much enthusiasm for Trump. Have you seen any for Biden? What do you like best about him?

Do you admit that all the Dems have against him is one hoax after another? Or do you contend that he did collude with the Russians in the 2016 election, took a bribe from Ukraine, and cause the DC riot - all Dem crimes.

Was 2020 Election Stolen

ax: "Tell me, what, exactly, has Joe Biden done in the past 48 hours that is a "high crime"?"

Took a job he didn't deserve since his election was a fraud.

Took foreign campaign contributions.

Put America at risk by refusing to defend our borders.

Used our troops as camera props and then made them sleep on cold concrete floors.

Lied about Trump's collusion with Russia/Ukraine when he was the actual treasonous perp.

Unfounded impeachment attempts against Trump.

And many, many other crimes.

Was 2020 Election Stolen

Nurse: The axster is not an American. That's why I said MY country.

Is it too soon to . . .


Was 2020 Election Stolen

ax: I imagine you are joyous now that MY country has been stolen by your Communist comrades.

Satan On Over Drive

Steveng: What you have described here fits only one current institution - THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!

Massive Democrat Fraud

Nurse Ratchet: EVERY one of your claims has been refuted.

You disbelieve actual video evidence of voter fraud over the word of a Democrat hack judge? Pitiful! Did he say "Who you gonna believe? Me or your lyin' eyes?"

This ain't over yet.

Massive Democrat Fraud

Nursey: "You are either completely ignorant or a liar. Which one is it?"

This statement applies to you and your leftist friends. Have you not seen the videos of Democrats banning Rep poll watchers, blocking windows to maintain secrecy, bringing in loads of ballots after polls closed, etc. in violation of the law? Is this your idea of free and fair elections.

Tell the truth. Did you vote for Biden because he's such a sharp guy or because you HATE Trump? What does that say about you?

The crooked Dems have been pulling off treasonous hoaxes against Trump since before he was elected. This is just the latest. Can a real Christian support such villainy?

Massive Democrat Fraud

ax & nurse: You guys simply must stop getting your news from FAKE CNN and MSNBC. Trump's banning of flights from China and Europe was met with intense criticism from Biden and his sycophants. And ax, the death rates from the China Plague are terribly inflated. We had a case here in Florida where a man killed in a motorcycle accident was listed as a COVID-19 death.

Nurse, the election fraud will be proven in the courts. Do you want free and fair elections, or do you approve of GOP poll watchers being banned from counting rooms, ballots being brought in well after the polls have closed, more votes than voters, dead people voting, etc.?

Massive Democrat Fraud

ax: More lies! Trump won by a landslide when ONLY legal votes are counted. Of course it has not YET been proven in court. It hasn't yet reached the SCOTUS. But when it does, and the fraud is proven, will you admit the error and support President Trump? I doubt it.

Massive Democrat Fraud

ax: That is a lie! Trump never killed anyone. He saved millions from the China plague by early restricting travel from China and Europe. Biden criticized him for that.

It was Dems who killed innocents by supporting the riots and burning of Dem cities by Antifa and the Marxist BLM.

Happy Thanksgiving anyway.

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