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Can The Lost Get Saved
There are two views of how people are saved. Calvinism which GOD chooses some for life and the rest for eternal torture.

On the other hand my understanding is the Holy Spirit comes to all. But not all choose to let the Holy Spirit change them from sinner to Saint.

I cannot agree with GOD not loving everyone. But that he hates most of the people he has created. So I cannot support Calvinism. I support Arminianism.

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved
The bigger problem is teaching that it is okay to live in sin. Jesus died to save us not just from hell but from living in hate and sin.

Remember the servants who did all things right. Not to be saved but because they were filled with love. Many refuse to read Titus, or James. Others ignore First John.

Those who love GOD will love others.

Massive Democrat Fraud
This is basically about Christian views. So Democrats have many Christians and they walk with Jesus. They would not participate in massive fraud. Christians walk in love.

But those who seek to spread hate will do anything to get their person elected.

Is It A Sin To Go To Las Vegas
We agree Strong Ax. On Trump.

Have a blessed day.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
I support many liberal caused. Because most are about feeding the poor. Helping them and working to save the sick. Many teach that all true Christians are rich. James has some words for them.

Jesus said to help the poor to love our enemies. So why persecute those who are considered major sinners for one type of sin. But others types of sin are okay?

Jesus said to love everyone. So all should be treated with respect. period.

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved
So true Strong ax. Good points.

Is God In Control
Nice try. The Generals noted that he had read all the briefs given him before walking in. Than spending time going over and asking questions. Yes Saturday night. But Trump plays 2 days a week for many hours. He also does not read the reports at all. Only asking for verbal synopsis. On average he watches if memory serves me 7 hours of TV a day. I looked it up. So tell me again how hard he works.

Right now he has helped spread Covid to many people in the White house. I pray none dies. But they could end up sick for the rest of their lives. Like so many who get Covid and end up with long term illnesses. But what does he care. Not in the least.

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
A daily confession for we sin daily. When we sin we need to talk to GOD. Ask his forgiveness and pray for strength to do better.

Titus 3:8 This is a faithful saying, and these things I will that thou affirm constantly, that they which have believed in God might be careful to maintain good works. These things are good and profitable unto men.

Is God In Control
Nailed it. How bout the one for the 19918 flu? Do you know that song?

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
Jesus died for everyone. He loves us all. But those who refuse to love will be lost. Since they choose to live in hate and sin.

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
The Gospel is simple. 1Corithians 15:1-4 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand, By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures, And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

John 3:16 is about how and what saves us. Much of the Bible is how those who are saved are to live.

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved
I usually ask what do you believe. Why? Then let their answers show me what I should ask next.

Is God In Control
Strong Ax.

Do you know where the rhyme Ring around the came from? Again there are good documentaries on this.

Thank you for your good points.

Importance Of Free Will
Good points Linda

Close To End Times
The Republicans have sold their souls to Trump.

As a former Republican we at one time stood for principal. But that is long gone.

For each of us this is an end time. I pray that the lies and distortions of the truth that has been accepted by the herd followers of Trump. Can be broken. But many who call themselves Christians. They follow this ungodly liar. That I cannot understand.

Can Anyone Understand Gospel
When people cannot prove their understanding from the Bible. They often resort to worldly tactics.

We are to speak in love and kindness. Giving others the benefit of the doubt. Only GOD knows the hearts of others.

Is God In Control
Good points Strong Ax.

One of the attacks Trump made on Obama was that he played golf a couple of times a month. Trump plays on average 2 days a week. When he promised to play none. Trump's children are making large amounts of money. Trump has still refused to reveal his taxes. His actions have lead to the death of hundreds of thousands dead. He has made people doubt truth. That is not the work of GOD.

Is God In Control
You are right kathyr

Close To End Times
Well Kathyr we seem to have some agreements here.

Close To End Times
Jerry are you sure you belong to the same church I do?

I don't want more government control by right wing people who want to combine church and state so as to make this a Christian country for Evangelical leaders?

Yes I want Jesus to come. But I am for spreading love and the Gospel to the world. Not hate.

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