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Do I Pull My Kids Out Of School
I am in the physical sciences at my college. I see no conflict between evolution and my faith. No where have I seen or read that 'man came from monkeys.' Some must explain to me the conflict. What about women as politicians? Can't they be as corrupt as men? My Fathers church says no one has any business being in school, women more so. This at age 20 I reject.

Moderator - Evolution teaches we came from an ape like creature. As I stated, my four year old knows better and laughs at evolution. Niki, keep in mind evolution is a false theory even if there wasn't such a thing as Christianity that had explainations as to our orgin. Make sure you study beyond what you are taught in school or your studies will be very limited.

Adam Head Over Eve
I always wondered if Adam had a navel. The creations story is so complex. It is a metaphor of the human condition.

Tests You Went Through
WOW Shira... I'm a singer with a thyroid problem... it is my "testing" thing! It is effecting everything - my voice, my low energy, depression. I refuse to be on anti-depresants, declaring that I should be transformed by the renewing of my mind... But sometimes I think I need more help. don't know. Anyway... had to write because of the thyroid/ singer connection. Groovy. Ciao,

The Pope And Science
Archeology? Then what are Clovis points? In physical anthropology we know man was in Europe for at least 100,000 years, long before the last ice age. We have the cave painting displaying Ice age animals. We have the objective DNA evidence. Whats to dispute? I am not now, or do I have any plans to be a Catholic, but considering the body count,(early scientist burned at the stake) the Pope's statement, which I agree with, comes 500 years too late.

Are We To Forgive People
I am trying to forgive a parent for what I see as abuse. I am told I will be somewhat crippled until I do. The man will not repent, as he sees his religious fanaticism as good, and holy. It is not a double standard as God will deal with the other half of the equation in His own way, and His own time. We live in the here and now.

Son Forgets His Homework
I am almost 20, and am in college. Just a few short years ago in school I loved to do homework. I was a problem child, but for not for homework, the problem was many of the books I had to study from were not allowed in the home, so I had to study away from home.

Adam Head Over Eve
I always wondered if Adam had a navel. The creations story is so complex. It is a metaphor of the human condition.

Who Are Cave Men
I look out at the night sky in the desert and see what the scriptures mean when it says, "The heavens declare the glory of God." The desert sky, far from the city renders me with a humility that inspires me to at least think about the creation, and to be glad i am not a city gal. In any event, we see light from planets, stars, cosmos millions, billions of LIGHT YEARS away, not 6,000 years away. What faith is and is not are often far apart, galaxies apart.

Bible Written By Mere Men
Did not the Roman Church include, exclude books from the Bible at their Councils based on the politics of the Roman Empire? Constantine had political agendas, as did the Roman Bishops, thats what i learned in history class. It is a complex history, and how books were canonized was very political.

Moderator - If you believe that statement, which books are missing and/or which need to be included.

Attacking On This Website
Is not attacking others beliefs the first big step towards intolerance? What is the History of Christianity, be it Catholic or protestant over the last 1700 years? We do not learn from history. I thought in this America, a land of pluralism, TOTAL freedom of religion was our hallmark, I thought in America we were beyond that, or are we?

Moderator - Niki are you a Christian? If so, how do you know?

Who Are Cave Men
Jerry; are you not the one who claims one must believe the earth is 6,000 years old to be a Christian? MP; I remember from debate class an AD HOMINUM attack is one used when ones argument is failing. As to being a 'victim' I only worry about being a 'victim' of student loans, which is why I work part time. This false duality I am seeing between evolution/creation is one unique to fundamentalist (conservative protetants) The majority of Christians I see here at Cal. State S.B. see no issue.

Moderator - Remove Christianity from the equation. The issue people are having is that evolution isn't science, but instead a false philosophy. Most here would agree with that statement regardless if they were a Christian or not. You are being duped.

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