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Relationships After Divorce
I was married to a non believer.He cheated.Bible states that if you're married to an unbeliever and he wants to stay married to you then you should stay with him. To say that God didn't honor the marriage is wrong. I shouldn't have married him. Now if I remarry, I should marry a believer. It says "how do you know wife if you will save your husband"?I can't believe some of the answers I'm seeing on here. Be careful and read the word ,don't take someone elses word without reading it first.

Walk By Faith Is Impossible
Without faith it's impossible to please God.
I would say faith cometh by hearing the word of God. So to keep it you must hear it and confess it daily. Meditate on scriptures for what your believing for keep speaking them and faith will come.

Miracle Healing Services
I would say that most of these services are very real. But it's God doing the healing not man, man is just the instrument. If you have faith to be healed by God you will be. If you don't believe that these people have the power and you doubt;then you probably won't be healed at all. It's your faith that heals you.

The Antichrist Conspiracy Exists
Many Bible scholars believe that the antichrist is in the world right now. It is also taught by John Hagee that he will rule the world eventually. Also Iran will produce the new Hitler. It's pretty confusing, your better off studying Hagee's materials.

Christmas Parties In Schools
I don't think they really celbrate any holidays now. Last month they werent allowed to pass out Valentines cards. What a shame.

How To Get Out Of Debt Fast
There is no fast way out of debt. It took years to compile the debt and it could take just as long to get out. I would say make small payments every month. Get rid of the credit cards. Don't spend money on anything you don't need. Get rid of car payments if possible; this will free up more money to pay off your debt.

Payback For Long Lunches
People who steal time shoud be fired, period. Unless of course the boss says its ok to take a few breaks during the course of a day. Find out what is acceptable. When in doubt ask.

Newest What's Up
What's up bad. I broke up with my boyfriend.
I have no job.
But I believe that God is turning my situation around right now. We all have to go through hard times. Joseph did and look what happened to him.

Husband Is Mean To My Kid
I was the oldest and had to babysit for my step dads three children. Lots of times I couldn't get homework finished because I had to babysit three young children. Don't let a child be abused. It is our responsibility to watch over and protect our children even if that means separation. They go to school and have stress and then have to go home to abuse. The child will grow up very angry and disobedient later in life because of it.

Are Birth Control Pills Abortion
I know that Catholics believe that. But the truth is; as Kevin Trudeau would say "birth control pills are not good for your body anyway." Use condoms if you are worried. We as Americans eat enough toxic foods already; why add to it.

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