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I Don't Understand Revelation
Read Daniel too - it will help. The last time there was a one-world ruler, was during the time of Rome (the 7 hills). The rulers of this world have been a powerful force that persecuted God's people throughout history. The wounded head that comes to life, might be referring to the returning of a one-world ruler.

Why Minor Doctrine Differences
There are both sincere and insincere reasons for the differences of belief. The best way to ensure that you understand spiritual things correctly, is to become familiar with the Bible, and pray regularly for guidance. And never elevate humans above God or His word. Read I Corinthians, chapter 1.

Is Playing The Lottery OK
I don't know. But I do know moderation should be used. See Phillipians 4:5.
And don't be foolish - see Proverbs 14:24. And realize that the chance of losing is far greater than winning. Also make sure to provide for your family, and parents when elderly. See I Timothy 5:8. And to give to the poor. See James 2:15-17.

I Am Angry All The Time
Most importantly, pray continually for God's help. Also read the Bible regularly - it teaches you, plus helps fill your mind with good and pure things. Also make sure you are fully surrendered to God. On the other hand, realize that there will be struggles with the flesh. Read the book of Romans.

Can You Cast Out A Demon For Me
Anyone who is fully surrendered to God is capable of casting out demons. Not all Christians are fully surrendered to God. It is also important for the one with the demon to be sufficiently open to taking on the lordship of Christ. Otherwise, prayers are useless in such cases or are on minimal effect until the person being prayed for surrenders to God.

Fat Christian Women
Obesity is a sin, yet it is rarely preached as being such. On the other hand, some people may not know how to avoid hunger pangs, which can be difficult to bear. They ought to prayerfully ask God to help them overcome their problem and not just condone it, though. Because it is clear it isn't good to do anything that isn't good for ones body, since our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost.

Church Under 10 Commandments
Yes, Jesus told the rich ruler to obey the 10 commandments. And we should repent regularly of our sins. And prayerfully rely on God's help to help us to be as obedient as we should be.

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