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What Do Churches Do On Sunday
Lee, what commandments then is Jesus talking about? The KJV bible says, "IF YOU LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS" Did I add that in Lee? Are you calling me a Liar when the bible states exactly that? Oh I forgot, you dont believe the KJV but the Catholic bible. Sorry mate. I still base my understanding on the KJV.

Two Witnesses Alive Today
what are the 2 witnesses?

What Do Churches Do On Sunday
Lee, then why do you think Jesus asked the question. "IF YOU LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS?" just answer the question please, and why have you not answered a previous question asked. "IF God stand b4 u and ask you to obey His laws, what would your answer be?

Alternative Halloween Parties
in our neck of the woods, all churches gathered together to give our children a good alternative to halloween and trick or treat and altogether, we had 400 children who enjoyed every moment of what was provided free with food. I cringe at the sight of very young kids walking the streets alone knocking on doors. This to me is teaching them to bludge off others for a treat. Who knows, there could be someone lurking around waiting to pounce.

What Do Churches Do On Sunday
Kay, thats what rest is on a Sabbath. To worship. Thats what the bible mean rest. God set that day aside for man to rest and to have communion with God. Am sure thats what you do as well. Have you got anything against worshiping God on tht day?

Deal With False False Teachers
Jehovah's Witnesses came to my door oneday and carried on about what they believe in the last days. I allowed them to carry on wh ile I listened and being a christian, I commanded myself to keep patience and listen. They are absolutely lovely friendly people who genuinely belive in the gospel however, they dont belive Jesus is God but the Son only. AFter they finished, we said a prayer then they left. If only christians be patient with each other and share alike.. the world would be a lovely place to be.

What Do Churches Do On Sunday
Jason, u say your free. Are you truly free? Are you a debtor to the whole law? Are you obeying allll 10 laws or just nine? Be honest with yourself. Jesus said John14:15 IF YOU LOVE ME, OBEY MY COMMANDMENTS" Do You Jason?

Once Saved Always Saved
Once Saved Always Saved? Does that mean if I sin after being saved, I will still be pardoned for my sins and I can actually continue to kill, lie, covet, and adultery? Please explain.

Christians Can't Sin
In our sinful ways, we need to be reminded always. We sometimes in our humanways, prefer our own ways and not of God's. We compromise God's teachings. We reject what we dont like instead of having faith and do it God's way. This is why 1Tim3 was given to those who are church Leaders and Helpers to show them what is required of them should they take it up. I think its a good advice.

Which Day Is The Day To Worship
Lee, you are sounding more and more like Jesuites just as the other blogger said you are a Jesuite. Jesuites are those who hate Sabbath keepers and who hate EGW & SDAs. They go on the net and denegrade these christians. You are not a christian and I support the gentleman Geof who asked if your a Jesuite. A SDA hater and a 10 commandment Hater. I will pray 4 you brother.

Fail To Keep The Commandments
Lee and quite rightly, for by law is the knowlege of sin and if we dont have law, we wont know sin. Therefore, your wrong actions will find you a great sinner then dont you think? And that means we still need the 10 law to keep us right with God.Remember, the 10 laws is a transcript of JC's character we need to conform to.

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