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What Is Your Prefered Investment
My preferreed investment is the Kingdom of God, You might say What? but let me explain. back in 2003 I had a 401K and then I got fired all of a sudden I figured that if I leave this money in there and it will grow. The Spirit of God was dealing with me and I just had to be obedient and I just "planted seed" with it that right now ALL MY NEEDS ARE MET. I know it was because of my obedience.

Stop Wife From Sleeping Around
It is hard to let go but in corinthians speaks if the spouse wants to go let them go if they want to stay let them stay but You never give up praying/believing for them look at Hosea what he went through.

Should I End My Marriage
prayer and Fasting! Jesus: "divorce is because unfaithfulness", and still that can be worked out, The fight "thing" signify spiritual instability, Satan "rattle both of your cages": all of a sudden you are watching tv he walks in and changes the channel without asking and the fight starts Interesting? Read Ephesians but pay close attention to 5 and 6 do not read them casually read them to get something out of it and pray Ephesian 1:14-20 Ephesians 3:14-21 put your name "Jack and Jane" where it says: "I, you, we, amd me" and do this for 30 days and watch, that devil will leave so fast because you got him on the run because you recognised and you are not alone in this warfare. IN JESUS NAME!

Explain 1 John 3:9
We nust read this at least 2 or 3 scriptures before and after and you can see in 1 hohn 1,10 it speaks of "mistake" sin and I ask for forgiveness from the heart there is no next time, one time and a john 3 the "habitual" sin it is like I am going to do it until I get busted or "I sin today and repent tomorow and do it again next week.

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