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Committed Adultery In The Past
The truth hurts, but it WILL set you free. I committed adultery and when I was convinced everything was lost and my life was over God saved me and my marriage. Yes, it was tough, but looking back it was more painful living with regret, self hate and guilt. We now enjoy a healthy christian marriage full of joy. We gave our lives to the Lord and only after that did we start picking up the pieces. We had to break down everything built on lies to lay new strong foundations. Thats just my story, but hope it inspires you to tell the truth. Pray about it - it is amazing how God comes through in His perfect timing PS - I am still struggling, but remember to forgive yourself and remind yourself daily that God forgave you.

My Life Is In Bad Shape
Hope this helps: Listen to While I'm waiting by John Waller. I went through a difficult time and this song reminded me that this is what faith is all about: stepping out of the way so that God can work on our problems. God gave us free will, but He is always there to welcome His lost children. Bad things are not always His plan, but everything works out according to His plan, it sometimes just takes longer because we have free will. Be glad yes, but be glad that you know Him and that He will see a way through the tough times.

Stop Wife From Sleeping Around
The Bible states that divorce is only acceptable in the case of adultery. You can get a divorce, but if you love her and believe in your heart and mind she is the one God gave you to spend the rest of your life with - go fight for her ! Pray for her and pray for your marriage to be revived. It can be done with effort and the grace and forgiveness of God. I have seen it and experienced it.

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