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Is It A Sin To Go To Las Vegas
It's fine but only if you stay at a Jesus approved hotel like Trump International Hotel Las Vegas. Then it's totally fine.

Spanking Teenage Boys
So long as they knew ahead of time what the ounishment would be, fine. But once a teenager, they need advance warning of the consequences of their actions. I was spanked by both my parents, bare bottom, At 15, the embarrassment caused me to behave better, especially if my mother was spanking or was going to watch. Once I had pubic hair, I hated for her to see me bare. One part of her punishment was to keep me in underwear until dad was home and then have to tell him what I'd done. It didn't take long for him to be home before the underpants were off and my bottom was getting warmed. Even into my early teens. They knew how I hated that and it was made part of my punishmwnt as well as bare corner time afterwards.

Spanking Teenage Boys
I was spanked into my teens and it did me good. Not beaten, ut spanked. I'd do it too, after several warnings that it will happen. But then, do it!!! Empty threats do nothing.

God Will Bring My Wife To Me
Oh wow, how reched a sinner I am. God have mercy in Jesus' Name. I went years without finding a loving woman, break ups and heart aches in broken relationships until last week I was on a dating website and I looked at this young womans profile. We instantly connected and I love her so much. She is a godly christian woman and we talked all day and for the past week. I feel like I've known her all my life. She's going to graduate next year to become a registered nurse. I love her so very much and one day in the near future I'm going to put a ring on year finger, thats if she doesn't do it before me. I thank you Jesus and Father God so very much for bringing this Ashley into my life.

Trinity Or Oneness Theology
The difference is that "oneness" theology is truth,(as long as it is in line with the bible) and "Trinity" theology is man made philosophy.

What Is A Christian
Amen to that

What Is A Mortal Sin
Mortal sin is a Catholic term. Don't believe a Catholic on this and a lot of issues. Just get a King James Bible and find out the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth. The Catholic Church loves to complicate things with so many unnessary things that God has nothing to do with. How do I know this, because I was a Catholic for a lot of years and then got born again. God bless you Cherri.

Is Jesus God
1st Cliff - I suppose I AM is just a title as well. It makes no sense to say that Immanuel was not one of Jesus names. God himself said to call Him by that name. Obvoiusly it is not His most prevalent name but this was said for our own understanding. You argument is not with me but with God. As far as "in heaven" I choose not to limit God. After all man has a earthly body, heavenly body, and a spirit. Why would it be so hard to believe God does as well and can make better use of those than us?

Is Jesus God
1st cliff- No the Lord's prayer does not say names. I am speaking of the original languages. The word translated God is not always YHVH but is often Elohim and several other names depending on the context in which it is said. Evidently you still believe Jesus succumbed to weakness. I stress this is not so and if you read psalms 22 you would know why he said what he said. Psalms 22 was written nearly 1000 years b4 the death of Christ. It foretells all that would happen at Calvary. He was still teaching us.

Is Jesus God
1st cliff - I should have clarified but there is little room. Jesus never called God (God) when he prayed with the exception of on the cross. Clearly He was teaching us that all these things were prophesy and had to happen. Jesus was not weak and surely you don't believe He thought God had forsaken Him. As for Immanuel of course it wasn't His only name but it was one of His names. You can't just throw away scriptures you don't like. Many people had multiple names in the bible in fact God Himself does.

Is Jesus God
Jesus most definitely is God. God said to call Him Immanuel being translated means God with us Isaiah 7:14. John chapter 1 makes it clear in the beginning was the word and the word was God. We all know that Jesus is the word. When Jesus said My God, My God etc. He was teaching us from Psalms 22 which is a psalm of David that foretold His crucufiction. Jesus never called God (God) but always the father.

How Soon Before The Rapture
The rapture rebuttal is a good place to study this doctrine. We don't have enough space to really even get into this doctrine.

Thiefs On The Cross Baptized
I would just like to make a point that has been overlooked as far as I can see. The thief had no need to be baptized because at that point everyone was still under the law. The new will and testament didn't come into effect until after Jesus died on the cross. Hebrews 9:16-17. Jesus gave remission of sins in many ways up until this point. One example of this is the rich man whom Jesus told to sell all his goods Luke 18:22. The thief on the cross is not a valid argument.

Nightmares Mean Not A Christian
I disagree with your pastor. I am a christian social worker. It is likely that you experiencing one of three things: you experienced or saw something as a child that your mind can't deal with. pstd; you fear losing your salvation. as a believer in Christ you can't, Romans 10:9-10, read the book of romans; you fear that satan is after you. as a believer we safe in christ. we are to have no fear we are under christ's protection and love. seek out a good counselor. don

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