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Is Depression An Evil Spirit
I would say that its both along with a sickness of the soul. The events in their live have become so overwhelming that not just the mind but the body carrys a great heavy sadness. People that are suffering from this need your love more then ever before.

Falsely Accused By CPS
You must fight like never before this a very serious actuation! Search in google: My ex continues to accuse me of child abuse/neglect to try and take my children? (I know someome else is doing this but read the results it will help. More postings coming.)

Falsely Accused By CPS
Every site i have read says that you will be considered guilty until proven innocent. Get a note book and write down everything you do with your child + dates and times. From taking them to school to meals, everything.

Falsely Accused By CPS
It is VERY important, get away and fast find a good Christian attorney asap. Good luck to you, this is going to be hard, remember praying does nothing with out the proper action. Good bless.

Is It A Sin To Go To Las Vegas
My thinking is that if you have faith in god to protect you and stay away from any sinful things in that city you can have a fun time. Research on-line look for anything G-rated or for kids and you should be safe.

Is Anger A Sin
Anger in good people is a sign that something is wrong and or you have been wronged. It gods way to get our attention to fix what is causing this.

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