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Conservative Liberal Christians
Seems like Jerry and the conspiracy theorists have all landed in the dung heap , finding NO EVIDENCE of stealing the election. It's funny too, all these law suits weren't even about what Trump and Co were spouting out to the public. The judges have thrown out all, and Trump lost Georgia three times in a row. (Ha ha ha just a Joke Jerry.) And so selfish to make us do a third count after the hand count at tax payers expense, does not show being fiscally responsible......JUST MAY BE THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN of the Senate Race here. And if that happens, no one here to blame but TRUMP HIMSELF....AGAIN. Maybe Trumps angle all along was to bring down the Republican Party. What GENIUS. A STABLE GENIUS.

Can The Lost Get Saved
Also David, I LOVE THE PATH IM ON AND HAVE BEEN ON FOR OVER 40 YEARS NOW. I wouldnt chance one second of one minute. So please i beg you......stop stalking me.

You have not defended the Deity of Christ, but rather defended the JWs belief about Jesus Christ. You do not support any doctrine concerning Jesus death and resurrection, but rather cherry pick Paul out of context. The Lord taught me to never use 1 verse without supporting scriptures. You dont get Galatians re GRACE VS LAW, but i find the WHOLE LETTER to be the most amazing and revealing on SCRIPTURAL NT GRACE. THE Holy Spirit is my teacher David. You will never be.

Can The Lost Get Saved
David , are you a self appointed teacher or were you given this GIFT by Jesus? How do you know ? Please read Ephesians 4 before answering. I have been given a spiritual gift by Jesus Christ immediately after identifying with Him in death and resurrection life. This GIFT is to the BOC to help us GROW UP INTO HIM TO FULL MATURITY, those who are now IN CHRIST, which you seem to say you are not IN CHRIST, or believe how one comes to be IN CHRIST. So according to scripture, it's you, the carnal minded who simply cannot understand the things of the Spirit.

Maybe after exercising my GIFT for over 40 years David, I'm addressing my statements to the more mature IN CHRIST. And it appears here over 875 folks DO understand my posts.

Explain Matthew 10:37
I think it's a very simple statement. If you have ungodly parents who send you out to steal, but you, being a Christian know it's sin, and choose to obey God over your parents, then you are showing you love God more than man.

If the Trump Children were real Christians, they would not lie for Donald, or excuse his lying, or cover his lying, now indangering our country. Their love for God would overrule and walk away from daddy. So Laura Trump is a phony Bologna generic Christian , who's bad company with the Falwell's worldly sinful lifestyle , didn't even bat an eye, is an example of loving man and this world more than God.

Conservative Liberal Christians
There is no such thing as a Christian being a Trumpster. TRUMPISM is not CHRISTIANITY. CHRISTIANITY is not a political party. Now there are Christian Democrats, Christian Independents and Christian Republicans, Christiaan Libertarian . There are also ATHIEST Democrats, ATHIEST Independents and ATHIEST Republicans and ATHIEST Libertarians.

Let's stop pigeonholing people based on political parties . That is SOOOOOO IGNORANT.

On one thread you call Amy a Catholic a Christian. Well so was JFK, and Biden. So you have Catholics both Dems and Rep.

Can The Lost Get Saved
David, trey was asking about elect and chosen, not your JW doctrine. Trey also believes in being saved by grace through faith. You must not know Trey, I do. Trey has been on here a long time. Way before your nonsense landed here.

Seeing you are still confused between WORKS AND FAITH, does not mean others are. Only YOU have a problem with my faith. Stop using your confusion to drum up others who are confused by yours. NO ONE HERE HAS AGREED WITH YOURS. STOP STALKING ME.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
Trey, just one question....are you saying Amy is a Christian based on being Catholic? I find that an interesting statement seeing Calvinist's don't , or at least John Calvin didn't think Catholics were Christians. I know Mormons and JW's don't believe in abortion, so in your idea of Christian, are they Christian too because they too are against abortion? I know Amy is a religious Catholic, however that doesn't necessarily prove she is a Christian in the true sense of the definition based solely on scripture. They believe in a works salvation...correct? So are you using Christian here in a generic term, or do you have absolute proof Amy is a Born Again NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST Christian, saved BY GRACE THROUGH FAITH?

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved
David, credited means IMPUTED, not to confuse with IMPARTED.

So, James compliments Paul that faith without obedience of faith ( not obedience of commandments ) is dead. James goes further in giving examples of his use of works of faith , using Rahab as an example of these works of faith, by not only believing their report, but taking it one step further and hiding the spies. Again James uses Abraham's works of faith as does the Author of Hebrews in Chapter 11. All three authors compliment one another in what WORKS OF FAITH MEAN, and not one instance of those works listed mention keeping the law. No law said , sacrifice , build an ark, lie to your town, sacrifice your child, reject Egypt etc.... these were all OBEDIENCE OF FAITH.

Conservative Liberal Christians
Trey, TRUMPISM is not run of the mill Republican, and actually was never a republican until he claims to be now. Even Ivanka and Jared were democrats. They used their charity to dip in themselves , and for a tax thingy. Trump is as stingy as they come, and has cheated so many people out of their pay .....and now wants to cheat the american people out of their voice. And only a handful of Republicans have spoken up. It's definitely a cult like atmosphere, after watching the Doc, Scientology on Netflix, using the same threatening bullying tactics cults use to get their way and shut you down. Someone must have dirt on many of these Rep doing a 180 and I believe are being threatened. Or else they are renegade politicians...NOT REPUBLICANS.

Saved Before Born
Here are words and phrases Calvinist's misuse

Chosen...leaving out "CHOSEN IN HIM". Israel also Gods Chosen Elect NATION, is not IN HIM, as no nation is IN HIM, only individuals are.

Predestined.....all verses concerning predestination say we were "predestined to be conformed to His Image". Totally different than just saying predestined. The Nation of Israel, you could say was predestined, yet were never said to be predestined to be CONFORMED TO THE IMAGE OF JESUS CHRIST.

All Gods plans and purpose were predestined. Even the NEW Heaven and Earth.

Leaving out the WHOLE SENTENCE and just selecting your favorite buzz words is what all cults do.

Can The Lost Get Saved
Trey, I believe my post was about the Apostles. Firstly Israel, before any Gentiles were Gods Chosen People. Out of Gods Chosen People Israel, Jesus chose His Apostles, including Paul, chosen by Jesus personally as well.

So when reading much of the 4 Gosples, of which Jesus at that time before His death and resurrection was addressed to Israel. So when reading John 6 for example, that needs to be kept into perspective. Now in John 17 Jesus again shows those God gave Him are the ones who are sent into the world to preach and then includes " those who believe based on their preaching vs 20 the Gospel" re: WHOSOEVER WILL, now including Gentiles, reiterated in Romans 10

Saved Before Born
Trey, before the foundation of the world God predestined a special company of people called THE CHURCH, see this MYSTERY HIDDEN BUT NOW REVEALED Colossians 1:24-27, Romans be THE CHURCH OF THE FIRST BORN, Hebrews 12:23, meaning having preeminence as Joint Heirs with Christ, Romans 8:17, being conformed to His image, Philippians 3 . THE CHURCH has a special calling and place in Gods plan and purpose . We are NOT THE NATION ISRAEL, as They too have a special place and plan .., but in THIS dispensation of time the Church is made up of both Jew and Gentile individuals, ( not nations) making up the Body of Christ. We were Chosen to be IN HIM, not just chosen. You all leave out the IN HIM part, and completely change the context.

Amy Barrett Woman Of Faith
Trey, actually many folks are concerned she may be part of a cult , an offshoot of the Catholic Church, much like the antisemitic Mel Gibson who had his own offshoot cult like branch of the Catholic Church. Funny she was completely scrubbed off their website, tells folks she doesn't want that info out there.

It's folks who belong to these cult like groups who do bring in their religious beliefs into decision making.

I hope she doesn't. And many thought Trump was going to use her to try to overturn the election if need be. Trump personally doesn't care about abortion.

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away, behold, all things are become new.

Galatians 6:15
For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision, but a new creature.

So here we see Paul clarifying the New Creature IN CHRIST.

Are you a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST? How did you come to be a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST? Does Paul EVER preach you can become a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST by works ? Or BY FAITH? You may want to study ALL OF GALATIANS for one place to see you cannot. It was because if the false teaching of WORKS that came in, they all fell from GRACE. You really don't want to insult the Spirit if Grace.

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved
David, i agree with Strongaxe that we must not leave out scriptures that clearly say other things as well. Our old man cannot perfectly keep the commandments as Romans 5 state the law was brought in that SIN WOULD ABOUND. Wow, go figure. And where sin abounded GRACE MUCH MORE ABOUNDED. AND THEN ROMANS 6-8 show us this GRACE in which we stand when we are IN CHRIST.

Everything outside the New Creation (we being a NEW CREATURE in the New creation ) is lost and hellbound,( its a 6....a 666, falling short of a perfect 7. You will never be a perfect 7 outside of Christ..EVER, no matter how much lipstick you put on. Now you are without excuse David. You have been to!d the truth and have rejected it.

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved
So funny David posts Romans 6 and has fought me tooth and nail on Romans 6 now posts a verse in Romans no one has ever discussed this with him before .

Another reason i'm done discussing with David. He has shown so much dishonesty here online its not funny. He'll say anything to squirm out of apologizing.

But an FYI David, Paul is addressing those who are now saved, being justified and have peace with God. This is our sanctification part of our salvation. Romans 5 precedes Romans 6. Learn to read in the order Paul wrote. He wasnt schitzophrenic. Are you?

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved
David has shown himself totally confused day in and out making all kind of wild accusations towards people..".your doctrine is this and that Etc"". You are a this and a that and on and on. Hopefully Strongaxe will get an apology ( I still never got mine) for David's false accusation.

Of coarse the JW's are the only true faith...bla bla bla. I know Walter Martin would say...the sign of a CULT is that THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE THE ONLY TRUE CHRISTIANS. There are plenty of those here online.

The only true believers are those who believe JESUS CHRIST IS GOD. Not God the Father , Not God the Holy Spirit, but GOD THE SON. THE SON OF GOD. Not Michael the Arch-angle either. Not a created God either.

Conservative Liberal Christians
Christians should be ambassadors for Christ just as Scripture teaches. Heaven is where our citizenship is, not here. America is not a THEOCRACY, but I believe many misled folks think it's their job to force this country into a theocracy for Jesus sake. Paul, nor Jesus EVER taught such a thing. But here we are, forcing righteousness on sinners as if God is impressed. HE IS NOT. All due to the false Gospel of America invented around the 1950's. What a mess.

Stock Up On Essentials Biblical
Only if you stock up for the purpose of helping your neighbor if dodo hits the fan. To have a stockpile and watching your neighbor's starving, ...well, will only come out if face to face with that scenario . Just saying you will means nothing. Let's see if those who stockpile give their last can of peas to another making the ultimate sacrifice. I'll venture to say the majority of so called Christians would not. A rare few will.

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