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Lost Respect For A Pastor
The Bible warned us for leaders who are not committed and careful on their call, for leaders who fall under the category of Distorted Christianity. Living Church of Jesus, let us be very careful, prayerful, and discerning so that we can continue enjoying the Lord's blessings. My old church had a Pastor who slander and he did it to me, i just then leaved the church after a decade seeing him no progress. I went to a new church (the same denomination) at the start the Pastor were so encouraging that the Lord used Him to heal some wounded thoughts and emotions on me but i can't understand that later this Pastor gone lots of trials and having no more the same power from God.

Is Hell An Emotion
I don't agree. God is love but also He is a JUST God. And because He is He needs to create Hell for many will not surrender to His call of repentance or to Him as God. Repent now you stubborn. Read 1John 1:9 Once you repent from your heart God's forgivenes is automatic. But Satan is a stubborn enemy He will keep on lying unto you. Just ignore Him and cast Him out including His demons using the powerful name of Jesus Christ. You can do it or use His name AFTER you surrender your life to Jesus and accept Him as your own God, personal Saviour and friends forever by faith. Read John 1:12, John 3:16, accept that as sinners we need Jesus Romans 3:23 and 6:23.

War Against Christians Begun
Sin and Goodness can never be one. One day the only good God will absolutely eradicate all the wrong/sin/bad. God created hell for all His stiff necked created beings like Satan,demons, people who will never repent their sin while on earth. There is an existing religion called Jehovah Witness that eradicated the teaching of hell. For them there's no hell. Be wary and save yourself from the final wrath of God who is now nearer...until Jesus Christ the Lord returns for the second time on earth. Ask the Lord to give you faith in His only Son Jesus and save yourself from the eternal punishment. Mock this truth that reminds you now, ignored it, forget it (Proverbs 1:20-33)then cry out without end when you send yourself in hell.

Benefits Of Loving Others
Love is the only key to successful life on earth. Without it or less of it means skimpy success or joy or happiness. God bless you all.

Benefits Of Loving Others
Love is the only key to successful life on earth. Without it or less of it means skimpy success or joy or happiness. God bless you all.

How To Sin A Little
Sin is the cause why God create Hell. And God never sin. The sin entered in the Universe when Lucifer desire to be more than God.Sin entered through the first couple and transferred to human kind. How does God solved this problem? By sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. God's law said that only the blood of Jesus can redeemed every sinners. But they need to hear and believe the good news that Jesus did it for them dying in their behalf. Once you became Jesus follower from the heart the book of 1 John taught that a follower of Jesus the genuine one can not or must not stay in sin. GBU all.

Living A Godly Life Rare
You cannot enter heaven if u r not born again in the Spirit, said Jesus (John3:3) To be born again is the work of the trinity...what the sinners only need is to hear the gospel or the good news (from a born again)why Jesus Christ die in the cross and of course to obey what God is asking or commanding us to do with Jesus His only Son.(jOHN 3:16)
once u know u r now a born again u keep on following Jesus. u will have now a new kind of struggle u never experienced before but that kind of struggle ur not alone since Christ is in you. you need to remain IN JESUS and u should see spiritual fruits in ur life as u live different by having a daily bible reading,praying and regular fellowshipping with the brethren. blessings be yours.

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