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Massive Democrat Fraud

Tell me SPECIFICALLY wahat lies I told, and provide PROOF they are lies.

If we had the same COVID death rate as other developed nations, we would have 40K COVID deaths rather than over 200K. Trump is responsible for 160K dead Americans.

From the Woodword interviews: Kushner made a plan to deal with COVID, but he and Trump saw it was hitting mostly blue states, so it was more politically advantageous to let it run its course, letting Democrats get sick and die, so they could blame it on Democratic Governors. They let American citizens DIE to boost Trump's popularity and re-election chances.

Hillary got 4 killed and Republicans scream "Lock her up!", but 160K Trump dead are OK?!

Can The Lost Get Saved

There is another user on this site who surfaces from time to time, whose name is David followed by four digits (that I can't remember). He is a very outspoken Jehovah's Witness, and tends to be quite antagonistic. I am pretty sure he and David are two different people. I wonder if you might be getting them mixed up?

Explain Matthew 10:37

The last comments here were from 2010, but people made some valid points.

One of the Ten Commandments says we should honor father and mother. However, in Matthew 10, Jesus said the would bring discord, setting people against those in their own household.

Why? Jesus said he is the truth, but unfortunately, many people can't abide truth. He had much opposition when he was here - many people hated him so much, they had him executed.

It is the same in every age. Many (even ones who call themselves Christians) love their own particular habits and beliefs, and get enraged whenever anyone actually confronts them with the ACTUAL gospel or ACTUAL Christian living. Such strife can tear family and friendships apart.

Conservative Liberal Christians

Who gave YOU the authority to decide who gets to be a Christian and who doesn't? You just accused THE MAJORITY OF AMERICAN VOTERS (since more for Bident than Trump, and more for Hillary than Trump) all Marxists and Atheists. You are wrong on both counts.

Conservatives accuse Democrats of "tax and spend". Republicans on the other hand "spend without taxing", causing recessions that the next Democratic administration has to clean up by paying the bills.

Other people's money? Trump is requesting donations to fund his voter fraud cases. If you read the fine print, donations under $8K go 40% to RNC and 60% to pay off TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN DEBTS. He's bilking his own supporters even now that he's lost.

Massive Democrat Fraud

Addressing cause rather than symptom is more effective, yet you REFUSE TO LISTEN. Restricting access FAILS: Prohibition, War on Drugs, abortion.

"WHEN" truth comes? Trump lost EVERY voter fraud case.


Didn't preside over greatest financial slump since Great Depression.
Didn't cause 160K+ deaths due to inaction over COVID.
Doesn't break all 10 Commandments and commit all 7 Deadly Sins and boast about it.
Doesn't go against everything Jesus taught.
Doesn't defraud charities, contractors, rally cities.
Didn't shut down government for a month and rob veterans' pensions to fund his Wall.

How you and many Evangelicals can follow Trump who does all of these things baffles me.

Massive Democrat Fraud

What lie? What accusations other than saying exactly what you said here? What deflection? What issue?

What "proof"? Proof is tested in courts. EVERY fraud lawsuit FAILED. ONLY criminal charges were against a PA REPUBLICAN who requested a ballot for his dead mother (first PA case in 30 years).

I REPEATEDLY show countries reducing unwanted pregnancies (DK+NL) have LOWER abortion rates than those restricting access (US) but you REFUSE to hear it.

Biden opposes HATE speech. Biden does NOT want to abolish 2A. Assembly is a HEALTH ISSUE. Every time churches have mass gatherings, people get sick AND DIE. Many have virtual services with no problem. Accusing online is fine, but praising God online isn't?

Conservative Liberal Christians

I'm speak about conservative politicians, based on opinions and voting records. Conservative voters agree, as they keep re-electing them. They cut social safety nets like health care, food stamps, etc. while enriching rich and corporations. MOST people on food stamps have jobs - NOT "unwilling to work".

Abortion is a tragedy, but DK and NL have LOWER rates because they treat cause rather than symptom. Conservatives treat symptom, while consistently voting for programs that increase the number of unwanted pregnancies, making the situation worse and not better.

Conservatives want religious freedom - for themselves. If Barrett were a Muslim, they would have opposed her confirmation. Remember Ilhan Omar?

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved

Then how do you reconcile that with Ephesians 2:8-9:
For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

Massive Democrat Fraud
jerry6593 and Trav:

I REALLY wish you would STOP with the constant lies and accusations.

I repeatedly point out that countries like DK and NL have LOWER abortion rates than US by dealing with the cause (unwanted pregnancies) rather than symptoms (abortion), but conservatives refuse to listen. They prefer to cast blame while abortion rates stay high.

TRUMP is the one who salutes Korean despots and licks Putin's shoes.

Protests (mostly lawful) happen because police keep killing innocent people and Republicans side with them rather than the victims.

Republicans worship a man who breaks all Ten Commandments, commits all Seven Deadly Sins, and BOASTS ABOUT IT. And you call DEMOCRATS sinners!?

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved

I have known Cluny 19 years, but am not Orthodox. We agree on some things, and disagree on others. I don't know Hanegraaff. Which views of his do I hold that differ from biblical doctrine?

NOBODY is on the right path. Paul said "We see through a glass darkly". Nobody's theology is perfect. What is important is whether our errors are minor and insignificant, or major and catastrophic.

You make assumptions about what we understand. As I said before, one must analyze ALL scripture, not one or two verses, to understand it. Paul says obedience leads to righteousness, but DOESN'T say we are saved through obedience - that is a work, and "we are saved through faith, lest anyone should boast".

Stock Up On Essentials Biblical

Yes, Joseph did, but he was interpreting a dream God specifically gave Pharoah. Most people who hoard these days do so from panick-buying, not well thought-out survival plans. When a pandemic strikes and looks to last a few months, you buy a few months of toilet paper. Buying five years worth as if preparing for a Zombie Acpocalypse is absurd.

In 2001, I planned a cross-country trip. On 9/10, I decided to purchase my tickets the next day. The evening of 9/11 I booked a ticket two weeks in advance (as was my plan all along), because despite the chaos the country was going through, I was confident that normalcy would prevail and air traffic would resume to normal by that time - and I was correct.

Conservative Liberal Christians
Christians are supposed to be ambassadors for Christ - whose kingdom is not of this world. Unfortunately, many Christians eagerly support a leader who breaks all Ten Commandments and commits all Seven Deadly Sins, repeatedly, and openly boasts of doing so - yet they call him God's Chosen, and say opposing him is going against God.

MUCH WORSE is that the world sees through this blatent hypocrisy, and thinks "If they will lie to us about politics, why should we believe them about religion?" and "I want nothing to do with such an evil God who chooses such an evil man"

This ACTIVELY drives people away from Christ. Romans 2:24: "It is through YOU my name is blasphemed among the Gentiles", as it is written.

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved

Where ever did you get the idea that "the foundation of my church is the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese"? I am not now, nor have I ever been, Greek Orthodox, or any other kind of Orthodox.

Conservative Liberal Christians

If you look in the Bible, you will find the word "liberal" used many times, almost always in a good way. "conservative" is not mentioned at all.

Conservative values today:
- The rich are rich through hard work. The poor are poor because they deserve it.
- No free hand outs
- Keep foreigners out
- Keep America White
- We are holier than the godless heathen

Liberal values today:
- Making sure everyone is housed, fed, and has health care
- We are diverse
- Welcome the stranger

Note that the values of Jesus and the Apostles correspond to liberals today, while conservatives are like the Pharisees.

Stock Up On Essentials Biblical
The Bible says we are not to live in fear, and that perfect love casts out fear. Yes, it's important to be prepared, not one should not panic and go crazy.

Those who panic-buy enough toilet paper to last for 5 years are obviously living in fear. Disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker is selling "survival buckets" of food to survive through difficult times. Instead of relying on God, we're supposed to rely on Bakker? Jesus won't save us, but Jim will? I mean, really? What Christians would fall for that?

Massive Democrat Fraud
DHS cybercecurity head Chris Krebs declared that this was the most secure election in American History. Because this disagreed with Trump's paranoid agenda, Trump fired him today.

Why doesn't anyone see just how corrupt it is that one of the candidates in an election has control over the jobs of people overseeing the fairness of election? This adminstration has given up every pretense of fairness and accountability, and its corruption is rampant.

Trump is an increasingly desperate man, and is taking more and more hysterical actions, knowing HIS time is short (see Rev 12:12). He's firing department heads left, right, and center - especially those in charge of war and nuclear regulation. What could he possibly be thinking?

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved

You quote Romans, yet forget Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God"

I.e. NOBODY is obedient to God's teachings, so by your theory, they cannot call Jesus Lord.

This is the danger of building a theological tower based on one or two verses. One must consider ALL of scripture combined.

Massive Democrat Fraud

Mike Pompeo, when asked if there will be a smooth transition to the next administration, said "there will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration". It is his job to ensure fair and secure elections, not be Trump's personal stooge.

All states have now tabulated almost all of their votes, and Biden has enough of a margin in swing states to the point where it is impossible for Trump to flip any of them. He has 306 electoral votes, the same as Trump had in 2016 and called a landslide. Every lawsuit Trump has filed alleging voter fraud has failed or been withdrawn.

Refusing to concede is denying Biden access vital COVID briefings, so yet again, more people will DIE on the altar of Trump's ego.

Massive Democrat Fraud

Then: "Mail-in voting is fraudulent! Vote in person!"

Today: "I'm shocked I'm not getting mail-in votes!"

It's not "looking at the data". It's "did anyone observe any fraud taking place"? The answer is NO. In 2016, most pre-election polling said Hillary would win, and the polls were very accurate - except, curiously, in swing stages, where she "mysteriously" lost. That was suspicious too, but no fraud was demonstrated.

Biden got 5 million MORE votes than Trump in 2020. You are claiming voting fraud in the MILLIONS? Where is your EVIDENCE? Not conspiracy theories.

Hillary conceded to Trump AS SOON AS THE ELECTION WAS CALLED.

Massive Democrat Fraud
There are memes going around:

If Democrats stole the election, why didn't they get rid of Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham?


If Democrats stole the election, why didn't they give themselves control of the Senate?

The reason there are so many baseless rumors of election fraud is that Trump is a narcissist. He cannot even conceive of entering a contest where he isn't automatically proclaimed the winner. In 2016, when he WON THE PRESIDENCY, he was stil screaming fraud because he didn't ALSO win the popular vote. If someone else wins, they MUST be cheating. Of course, someone who cheats all the time automatically suspects others of doing the same.

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