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Massive Democrat Fraud

ax: Can't you find something to say other than lies and Communist propaganda? Biden is a joke, and deep in your heart, you know it. Donald Trump is the best thing that ever happened to this country in recent memory. Joe Biden has been an inept laughingstock Washington lackey for almost 50 years. He is a walking gaff machine. And he is the best that the Dems could find?

Massive Democrat Fraud

ax: More deflection!

Your "we murder less babies" argument is lame at best!

Will you concede when the truth comes out in the courts?


Conservative Liberal Christians

There is no such thing as a Democrat Christian - they are now Marxist Atheists. There is no such thing as a Liberal Democrat - they are now only liberal with other people's money.

Massive Democrat Fraud

ax & katty:

I REALLY wish you would STOP with the constant lies and accusations.

You always deflect like this rather than address the issue honestly. The truth of the election controversy will eventually come out. I provided proof of fraud here, but it was censored.

The issue of abortion is easy to assess - Biden is for it, Trump is against it.

Freedom of speech - Biden is against it.

Freedom of assembly (like church) - Biden is against it (mask lockdowns).

Right to keep and bear arms - Biden is against it.

Massive Democrat Fraud

ax: Maybe you're looking at the data the wrong. A great many of the contested, after-hours votes showed votes for Biden only, with no entries for the down elections. I believe that Trump did indeed win the popular LEGAL vote in both 2016 and 2020 (Hillary and Biden won the dead people vote in both).

Why all this clamoring for Trump to concede by Dems when they have yet to concede the 2016 loss by Hillary? They have produced one illegal hoax after another (Russia and Ukraine impeachment) since 2016. This is nothing short of a coup. Do you support coups?

Massive Democrat Fraud

ax: You and I agree on the fundamentals of election integrity and the rule of law, but disagree widely on the FACTS involved in this election. There were indeed issues with transparency, fraudulent changing of dates, software vote switching, clerical errors, illegal votes, dead people voting and many other issues and irregularities. Worst of all was the disregard for the law in Dem-controlled precincts that added ballots after the lawful deadline and barred REP poll watchers from witnessing the Dem crimes. Without transparency, there can never be voting integrity.

I am surprised that you can't seem to find the video evidence online as easily as I can.

Massive Democrat Fraud

Lefties: Do you want:

Sexual Perversion,
Lawless Riots in the Streets,
Innocent Bystanders Brutally Attacked,
Bigger Government,
Higher Taxes,
Fewer Rights,
Bowing to Our Enemies Abroad,
Weakened American Military,
Churches Shut Down,
Election Chaos,
Impeachment - not Legislation,

Then Joe Biden is Your Guy.

Massive Democrat Fraud

1 of 2 ---

I guess that answers my first question - massive Democrat voter fraud does NOT appall you leftists. Similarly, your "why not" answers reflect the source of your beliefs - the fake news talking points of CNN, MSNBC, etc.

Should any of you "Christians" care about the truth, you might start by recognizing a few points:

1. The only way our Constitutional Republic can survive is if the populace has faith in the integrity of our elections. WE DO NOT. The vast majority of Republicans do not. But neither did the vast majority of Democrats in 2000 or in 2016.

Is It A Sin To Go To Las Vegas

little ax: How is it that your opinion counts on such matters? Why not go back to your home country of socialist Canada?

Importance Of Free Will

Linda: "see Jerry6593 on 9/6/20 'Is God in Control"

Sorry Linda, but I didn't post anything on 9/6/20 on that blog. I post little here anymore because of the constant barrage of leftist lies and disinformation about our President. The Democrat Party has become the party of hate.

I pray for our President's re-election!

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved

katty: It is God who judges you - not me or any SDA. God gave us Ten Commandments to obey. The fact that you don't want to obey Him by keeping the fourth one has nothing to do with me. Take it up with God. Jesus kept ALL of the Commandments - else He would be a sinner. Don't you want to follow the example of Jesus?

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved

little ax: I have never judged you. I have criticized the leftist ideologies you aspire to and have pointed out where the Bible condemns your religious beliefs, but I have never judged your fitness for salvation. I firmly believe that it is God's job to do that.

Rude To Ask If One Is Saved

So true ven! God alone is the judge of our fitness for salvation. When we claim to judge ourselves or someone else, we usurp the prerogative God, and thus have committed blasphemy. We can judge fruits, but salvation - that's God's job.

Close To End Times

ven: "Kath, the liars and haters have been you, Axe, and mike."

I agree. The "M-squad" (M is for Marxist) here has lied 250,000 times. They are so steeped in their blind hatred of America and our values, that they can no longer be reasoned with. They lost the last election fair and square, yet they can't stop crying about Trump. They now support the Marxist-Satanist BLM and Communist Antifa organizations as well as the anarchy on our streets.

I believe that it is impossible for a Democrat to be a Christian.

Close To End Times

Katty: A discussion with you is impossible since you are not able to stay focused and seem to have no concept of objective truth.

Close To End Times

Dear Marxist friends: There are none so blind as those who will not see. Several prominent Democrats have stated their support of the senseless riots in Democrat-run cities, as have the mayors of those cities. The out-of-town thug army is well organized (by Obama) and well funded (by Soros). Innocent people are being murdered for the crime of being born white.

Yet your only reaction is to blame Trump and the Republicans who are trying to stop it. You racists are fomenting this race war. Is this what you really want?

Is God In Control

Nurse: Why are you supporting thugs who murder people and destroy other people's property?

Close To End Times

You leftist anarchists are pathetic. You defend the street thugs who are trying to destroy our nation, while demeaning the one man that is trying to save it - President Trump. You call good evil and evil good. Woe to you! And you have the gall to call yourselves "Christian". That's taking the Lord's name in vain.

The choice in November is clear: President Trump with Law and Order or Joe Biden with continued anarchy.

I still maintain that it is impossible to be both a Christian and a DemocRAT.

Are Democrats Terrorists

ax: "police have definite evidence white nationalists were among the crowds of protesters"

Just like the evidence the DEMwits had of our President colluding with the Russians, making deals with the Ukrainians, etc. Just like the white supremacists beat up Jussie Smollett. If a Democrat says it, it's a lie.

You commies are standing with the BLM terrorists who just attacked the Grace Baptist Church in Troy, NY. What will you do when they attack your church? Will you bow before them?

Democrats are TERRORISTS!

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