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Is There A PreTribulation Rapture
Rev.6 begins GOD'S wrath, not tribulation. Those souls killed were from the tribulation because you can STILL be saved at that time but you must shed blood by someone other than yourself. The sea of glass around GOD'S throne are those saved (glass is symbolic of souls) before HIS wrath. Where did GOD say we're not to see tribulation? The flood lifted the ARK (JESUS) BEFORE NOAH WENT INSIDE! We were already there before these souls! Tribulation started long ago. It do not have to begin in the U.S.A. Nor this time period. Remember....1 day to GOD is as a thousand years!

Digital Pictures Of Demons
OH YES YOU CAN! I do it all the time! Even DVD movies esp.where there's a DISASTERS (they LOVE those). Mostly the mean-looking faces. A diggycam and a flash can pick up ANYTHING! I have discovered CRYPTIC messages all IN my car and have FOUND hidden PINHOLE LENS! This all is true!

Is There A PreTribulation Rapture
To John: re. Pretribulation heresay. this is true but what do you think it mean ,"to be saved)? It means "to excape". Excape what? Something bad. Like what? The TIME OF TESTING of the inhabitants of this world! This "time of trouble" is not for christians! Since these times are like it was during Noah's, HE was saved During the flooding! LOT HAD TO BE REMOVED BEFORE THE ANGELS COULD DESTROY U NO WHAT! FULL TRIBULATION CANNOT BEGIN 'till All the Saved be taken out, so yes we will be here AT THE BEGINING but not after. GOD will not destroy HIS people with the wicked.

Is There A PreTribulation Rapture
Remember....the LAST DAY could also be refering to THE LAST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!

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