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Blasphemy To Say Saved
How are we to preach the good news... If we cannot say.. I am saved through Christ Jesus... But there should be humbleness too.. There but by the Grace of God Go I...I fell on the Conerstone and was broken.. but came up a builder... It is joy and wonder to proclaim your faith and Christ.. To shout it from the rooftops.. Not to be a braggard. But to proclaim.. Look what I found I want you to have it too.. That is why its the Good News.. We all want to share in it.. and to say yes I am saved.. otherwise we preach a death faith.. unable to say that we are saved.. This little light.. I going to let it shine.... Amen

Give Tithes To Neighbor
First off.. Tithes.. are dues to the Lord... Offerings are your gift to the Lord.. God wants a joyfull heart in giving.. Because its the right thing to do.. Because God COmmands it.. and because of your love for the Lord.. you do it for him..Because you Love him..There are no set of rules and regulations... The Lords set us free from that stuff.. You do it out of the pureness of your heart.. and to the Lord.. So help this person out... dont let your left hand know from your right hand.. seek no glory.. and while your are giving the money say a prayer too

Was Mary Sinless At Birth
Look to scripture.. ALL have sinned.. it did not everybody but Mary.. The scripture is very clear..Mary was a vessal and found Favor in the Eyes of God.. Favor does not mean sinlessness... ITs not Marys Condition that matters.. It was Jesus was born without sin.. That is requirement of His Sacrafice for us.. he was To be Sinless. No way in the bible you ever read about the condition of Mary.. It was a non issue..Even While Jesus was preaching its recording others where preaching false Gospel.. Mary is not the Mother of God.. Before Abraham was I was... Mary gave birth to the Phyical body of Jesus.. But Jesus.. created Mary.. Jesus made all things.....Mary had a purpuse. or what did you think.. Jesus was going to come from a pumpkin patch...

Digital Pictures Of Demons
Thats like saying can a Angel be caught on Camera.. No I dont think so.. They are in the spirtual realm.. Which we have no buisness in.. and just suppose it did happen .. like the suppposed voices from hell.. its to serve a purpose.. God would not allow such a thing to happen unless it futher served his glory

Did Methuselah Live 969 Years
And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also [is] flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years gen6:3

Why Did Noah Get Drunk
God does not forbid alchol.. but he does forbid drunkness.. Noah was a man.. just like us.. Regardless of God audibly speaking with him.. He still is sin Jesus did not come yet.. I think God put this story in because a great evil happened because of his drunkenness.. its our lessons.. and the repercussions that happen because of them...

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