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My Husband Is Narcissistic
In reply to your narcissistic spouse. I've been married 39 years to one and just found out 1 year ago how to label it. I also need help. Do I divorce? He is not getting better and I'm going crazy. I've done all I know how even taken the blame. Do they really know what their doing? Help!


Who is Morris Cerullo?
I worked on staff in the 1980s. He treated his staff rudely. Once a young man whispered to David Cerullo that Morris' Mercedes was about to be towed because he had parked it llegally. This young man whispered to David during a staff prayer meeting. Morris began screaming at the man in front of the staff. The staff was afraid of him. LOTS of stories from my year there. As as a writer, I could no longer write manipulative garbage. They even wanted me to break copyright laws.It took years to get over the experience with "Brother Cerullo". He is NOT the smiling, fatherly man he appears to be.

Pastor Didn't Help Out
Help your Pastor when he needs you. He has a big job. Maybe the most important job there is. Pray for him.

Is It A Sin To Eat Pork
Let people make their own choices David, and please stop trying to prove your useless point. The worst victim here is YOU. Your putting this all on yourself. You must like to suffer needlessly. If you want to suffer, go into the mission fields and do something worthwhile for the Kingdom of God, at least, but it's not about what goes into ones self, but what comes out.

Is Mary Full Of Grace
emcee. Looks like Mary is your god. You need to learn what a Christian is. I know one thing for sure. You are not one. no matter how much you try and convince others. You have no love. I have read your reply's, and you have no love. You need Jesus, and only Him. I hope you find the truth, I really do.

Catholics And Protestants Same
Catholic and Protestant are too differant. Like north and south on a magnet. The people could be friends, but the church doctrines are completely different. Jesus was just the opposite on a lot of Catholic issues. the Catholic church has led many away from the whole truth. As a Christian, I had to write this.

Are Roman Catholics Christian
I left the catholic church because I found the truth. The catholic religion is caught in a delema. They don't want people to study the Catholic Bible because it's filled with inconsistancies(truth and lies).
They would rather people read the Catechism which directs them even further from the truth. It's a crying shame. So many people being led astray.

Husband Has Bad Mood Swings
It is a proven fact that kids who witness and/or experience habitual abuse are more likely to tolerate others being abused and also become abusers themselves. Makes me wonder about you, David....I'm tired of women being sent home by their counseling pastors with instructions to "be more submissive" and the men not held accountable by the church for criminal behavior. Girl, get out, get out, get counseling so you avoid the same kind of partner the next go-round.

Explain Left Behind Books
Julie, The books that I read (The bible) have no fictional characters or events. Let the HOLY SPIRIT reveal to you the truth that He want's to reveal to you.

What Do Men Want
You ppl are brutal about the "perfect" issue! I agree no one is perfect, but perhaps she meant to say that she feels she is ready for marriage. Read between the lines people! "But seek first God's Kingdom, and his righteousness; and all these things will be given to you as well"(Matthew 6:33). God knows what He's doing and knows the desires of your heart so just trust Him. Remember that God is well able to provide a suitable mate for you in His timing and according to His will.

My Wife Is Having Affairs
Forgive her so you don't grow bitter. Even if you don't reconcile, forgive her. If you don't, God can't forgive you.(Mark 11:25-26) Pray, get into the Word and seek councel from a pastor or strong Christian. As for the statements about not keeping your wife happy - LuDiCrOuS! She is responsible for her own actions. Does your wife confess to be a Christian? Does she show any remorse or signs of repentance? God is able to put your marriage back together, but scripturally you are free to divorce.

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