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Is Christ The End Of The Law
Christ was the only man who kept all the law. Only God in the flesh was able to keep it.Christ being the end of the law represents the curse of the law having no hold on those that believe in & on Lord Jesus . loving him and obeying his commandments and being covered by his blood we are not subjet to the curse of the law which is eternal death and punishment. We are given by the grace of god the righteousness of Jesus once we trust and believe and love and keep his commandments. Not of our fleshly selfs but through his quickening spirit

Are Christmas Trees Pagan
what amazes me is that with the advent of internet and libraries and the explosion of knowledge people are still dumb as rocks. Now listen real close and I will tell you the truth. Santa claus is a lie ,Jesus was not born on dec 24th or even close. Jesus never told us to celebrate his birthday: the tree is an ancestor of pagan yule log and totem origins. Yet you still cover them with gold and silver bulbs and tinsle and put a idolatrous star on top and for several days attempt to be a christian. LOL strange that the shortest day or sun day of the year is on dec24th the pagan solstice. When witches and others celebrate the coming of spring. Wow how can people be so stupid

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