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Was Jesus's Body From Mary
Wonder what scientists have to say about this? Since Echad/God created mankind [Eve came out of Adam who may or may not have had eggs then (in any event, Eve took them with her, women have them all now)]. How Echad/God performed this miracle only He knows, but that sinful flesh had to come from somewhere besides Heaven. Rom.7:18, 8:1-4, Rom.11:33-36.

P.S. I like my eggs without the yolks, lol.
Which is holy, the offering, or the altar?

All One Land Mass During Noah
Connecting the events in Gen.11:1-9 to when Peleg was mentioned in Gen.10:25 [ his days was the earth divided], the earth's division is a given fact, as mankind could no longer "be of one language" again, at least 'til now.

I'll choose God everytime over logic!

God's Angel & sword kept Adam, Eve, and His Garden separated for similiar reasons, sin natures + The Tree Of Life!

Techtonic plates > earthquakes being a relief after The Flood!

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