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Can I Pierce My Nose
There are Christians, then there are people who just go through the motions. God saved me out of a miry pit and I thank Him for that, not man. I am thankful that "man" is not my God. I know you probably mean well, and you think you know best and you might even think you have the right or authority to judge, John 7:24. Righteous judgement is not according to appearance. I will be obedient to God in that this will be my last post on this subject. I will pray for all of you. You should be more concerned with souls than thinking a piercing is connected to the soul. We are not under a taskmaster,learn about what REAL salvation is. God Bless all of you.

Democrats For Abortion
Too many people are putting their hopes into man (president). A president will NOT stop abortion. I personally do not believe in abortion, has free will, man/woman will do what they want, even killing babies. It has been going on forever, even in back alleys. It's unfortunate and sad. Pray, pray, pray for God to place the right person in office.

Can I Pierce My Nose
Steven,my repsonse is with respect and love from Christ. I said we should not judge according to appearance,you took it to another level by talking about taking the sinner to the elders.Please study your word. I pray you will show the love of Christ to others, even if they do have pierced ears, or whatever else they choose to have pierced or tattooed. Remember, Steven, you are not God. How are on earth will you win others to Christ? It certainly is not by bondage, scare tactics or legalism. That is not from God. You sound like the Pharisees and the Saduccees. I will end this by repeating, "It amazes me how unlearned people are in the Word". Have a blessed day Steven, Jesus Loves You.

Can I Pierce My Nose
Wow!! It amazes me how unleanred people are. I have been Saved for approximately 21 years. Am I perfect? No way! One thing God does require of us is that we do not "judge" others for their appearance. It is by His grace and mercy that we are saved. Start showing Christian love. Piercings and tats will not send you to hell. Not believing in God will. The law was nailed to the cross. We are under grace, not a taskmaster. Stop judging and start loving. I know the scripture in John that talks about being a righteous judge, study your word. It isn't a judgement of appearance.I serve a loving, just and forgiving God! Yes I am totally saved and sold out for Christ. I have 6 holes in my ears & I am getting my nose pierced. Guess what???? I am still saved:) God Bless all of you. Please repent and stop throwing stones at others.

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