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I Want To Pierce My Tongue
If you are a Christian, you should be more eager to please God than trying to please your friends. Getting your tongue pierced and getting a tatoo is trying to be like the world rathing than being a Christian . Don't be like the world because the world hates God.Be what God wants you to be .and No getting your tongue pierced and tatoo is NOT in the Bible nor is it Godly .Be Blessed and I'm praying for you

Should I Confess My Affair
I hate to say this, but by keeping this a secret and the fact that you had an affair in the first place, you ARE a fraud! Your husband was decieved into thinking he had a faithful wife, when in fact he didn't. How do you know that you don't have a STD and past it onto your husband! I know this from experiance. My family member died of AIDS because his wife cheated on him. You confess and let God do the rest.

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