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Are Tongues For Today
Larry is right in some regards about tongues being a sign that the curse of Babel is over. It's over for the saints. Where tongues dispersed a nation of people throughout the world, it brought the peculiar and holy nation of God together. Yes, saints will always have to live by faith. But let me tell you what real faith is. The example of faith given in the bible is coupled with obedience, but how many people fight Acts 2:38. I could honestly care less about what christian super evangelist say about salvation and the spirit. I personally will follow the teachings of the apostles, Christ chosen men to deliver the message of the WHOLE gospel. When the Spirit came it came with tongues.

Are Tongues For Today
It was Spirit pour out on all flesh Acts 2:17, and it's Spirit of refreshing Acts 3:19 & Isaiah 28:11. I see people weekly receive the Holy Ghost the same way, ages 4 and up, just like the bible says, if a man has REAL faith to OBEY the doctrine of salvation he'll receive it just like they did in the book. Obedience that what it takes. To really understand you must be honest with the scriptures. Romans 10:9 salvation wasn't preach until men like Billy Sunday and Billy Graham came with a quick fix salvation. The Apostles didn't preach this. In Acts 10 and 19 the only way they knew they had received the Holy Spirit is for "they heard them speak in tongues" It was the common sign then and is still the common sign today.

Are Tongues For Today
The interesting thing about most people that quote 1 Cor. 12:30 as all saved people don't speak in tongues is that Corinthians is a letter(epistle) written to that whole church body in Corinth, it was not written in chapter and verse, so the letter continues into chapter 14. Paul say in 14:18 that he thanks God that he speaks in more tongues than you all(meaning all, every, the whole) church of Corinth. He goes on to say in v23 if the whole (not part) of the church comes together and ALL(again) speak with tongues than the unlearned person would think we are mad. How is it that all the people at Corinth speak in tongues and Paul is suppose to be saying they all don't?

Are Tongues For Today
Most definitely, it is absolutely necessary to speak in other tongues. Jesus said these signs *shall* follow them that believe according to Mark 16:16-17, they shall speak in new tongues... A true believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ and is obedient to that gospel will speak in tongues. It comes with receiving the Holy Spirit. See Acts 2:1-4,16-17, & 33,10:44-46 ,19:1-6. Jesus said in John 3:8 everyone born of the Spirit is born the same way. On the day the Spirit was poured at Pentecost everyone spoke in tongues. It happened then and it's happening now. Jn 3:8 The wind(pnuema grk mean breath or spirit) hear the sound of it so is EVERYONE that is BORNED OF THE SPIRIT. SEE Acts 2:1-4*

Baptist Versus Pentecostal
I'm Pentecostal Apostolic. Baptist believe in God in 3 persons. I can't find this doctrine in the Bible. God's a Spirit. God is Holy. So God is a Holy Spirit. Basically 3 person in Bible doesn't appear (Col 2:8-9). Man using his understanding to explain God. Next, the baptism formula in the Father, Son, Holy Ghost, was never used in early church history (Acts 2,8,10,19,22:16) Next, Holy Spirit come with tongues (Acts 2,10,19, Paul in 1 Cor 14)not when you believe (see Acts 8:14-16,19 1-4). Salvation or being borned again is just like Jesus said, "Water and Spirit" not just mental acknowledgment of Christ(Titus 3:5). True belief is obedience. Pentecostal Apostolic doctrine obeys the Word not just quote it like the Baptist.

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