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What Is Church Of Scientology
Well, I guess our discussion is over then. I'm glad that I was able to provide some true information, from personal experience as a Scientologist for 17 years, to all of you. Thank you, Mr. Moderator, for making this venue for discussion available.

Moderator - You are welcome.

What Is Church Of Scientology
Mr. Moderator,
I can't speak for anyone else's experience. I can only share mine. I do want to point out one thing. If you search the Internet for "Christianity cult bad experience", you'll find thousands of stories of people who are sour on Christianity. Perhaps some people are just prone to complain. Perhaps they just never understood what the point was. I don't know.

What Is Church Of Scientology
I think I did answer your question to the best of my ability. As a Scientologist for 17 years, I have neither seen nor heard of anything even resembling what you described. I even spent an month in your fine country once, at Saint Hill. At the end of a very pleasant month, I left.
Through 17 years of direct, personal experience, I have found Scientology to be helpful and its people to be the most honest and ethical group I have ever seen.

Moderator - Many people have stories such as Alan's. Are all of these others just bad experiences or are there some elements of truth?

What Is Church Of Scientology
Your other reader's responses contained this phrase: "...from the information I've read and heard..." If I only "read" and "heard" what critics said about Christianity, I might have a skewed view.
I have been an active Scientologist for just over 17 years. I am still stongly connected to every single member of my family and nobody has ever recommended or demanded anything different.

What Is Church Of Scientology
Mr. Moderator,
I cannot agree with your statement as it could be misinterpreted. Sceintology is an applied religious philosophy. It is not a Christian religion. Christians can study and participate in Scientology, if they want to. I have never found anything in the bible or heard anything from a Christian that proves that statement false.

Moderator - Bottomline it isn't Christian which I believe is what most people here are attempting to point out.

What Is Church Of Scientology
I am a Scientologist. Nothing in any of your answers so far has been remotely true. Scientology is a world religion, fast-growing and popular. Naturally some are going to attack it, as they once fed Christians to the lions. Your readers should find out for themselves, not listen to the lion keepers.

Moderator - Whether one calls it a religion or a cult, the bottomline is that Scientology isn't Christian. Would you agree with that statement?

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